For most outsiders, the world of poker games is usually limited to Texas Hold’em, which they mistake for  His Majesty Poker . In fact, there are a lot of variations of the game of poker, and we will consider the main ones.

Of course, Texas Hold’em still remains in first place in popularity all over the world , but it also has a formidable rival –  Omaha , which every year attracts more and more amateurs and poker professionals.

What’s more, the biggest pots and high-stakes battles of the top-tier players have recently taken place in Pot-Limit Omaha. This is largely due to the brighter and more intense game that is difficult to achieve in limit or no-limit hold’em.

Therefore, any poker room now offers a variety of tables and tournaments, both in Hold’em and Omaha. And this is not the whole list of poker games. There are also variations of the game  Stud poker ,  Draw poker, Lowball  and  Heads-up poker , as well as  Badugi  and  HORSE  Do not be afraid of these “terrible” names. Poker rules  are based on the basic principles that apply in all poker rooms.

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What do high rollers and beginners play?

Texas Hold’em has been at the forefront of the poker game for many years. True, this is true if we consider poker from a bird’s eye view. At a closer look, the situation changes somewhat.

For example, players at the highest stakes online and offline prefer other games: Pot Limit Omaha, 2-7 Triple Draw, 8 games. PLO attracts with action, hyped dispersion, but in general it is inferior to the other two varieties.

Recently, it is Triple Draw and 8-games that occupy a leading position among professionals. Draw is more popular online as the game is not yet fully explored and some players have a big advantage. Mixed games will always be classics – the most difficult “genre” in poker!

Beginners, on the other hand, think that poker consists entirely of Texas 홀덤총판. This, of course, is not true. However, at the lower limits, apart from Hold’em, there is, in fact, nothing. Still, this is the most accessible type of poker; it is the easiest to learn how to play it.

Is it worth teaching a beginner Omaha, 8-games, Draw, etc.?

It is better for a beginner to focus only on Hold’em. In any case: if you know how to play Holdem, you will learn any other variety. The basic principles are roughly the same.

Are there other games?

Yes, and there are plenty of different, at first glance, ridiculous types of poker games.

For example, we made a video for you from the Top most unusual poker games:

There are many factors to consider when choosing a poker room, such as:

  • Betting Limits:  If you are looking for high stakes poker games (e.g. $10/$20 limit and $2/$4 no limit and above), be aware that not all poker rooms have a large enough number of high limit games, especially not during peak hours. .
  • Incomplete Tables, Limit Games and No Limit Games:  Unfortunately not all leading online poker rooms offer a wide variety of incomplete table games (5-6 players), and some of them may be more specialized in no limit poker games and limit games.
  • Variety of Cash Games and Tournaments:  There is a significant difference between poker rooms in the range of tournaments offered (sit & go and multi-table) as well as in the variety of regular cash games at different limits.