Turkey is a major player in the field of medical travel. It has already built its reputation as a place that is a preferred destination for a range of medical procedures.

The latest wave of international medical procedures is focused on gaining access to top-quality affordable medical services.

The hair implants LASIK corrective eye surgery, aesthetic surgery, anti-aging treatments open heart surgeries and many more are just a few of the therapies offered. Patients receive top-quality medical care throughout Turkey.

The price-performance comparison for surgical and medical procedures offered in Turkey is the basis of the international health agreements. Turkey is among the top nations in the globe for procedures in the field of medicine according to the statistics.

Each year, more than one million patients from countries with complex healthcare systems come to Turkey for high-quality medical care. Additionally, the medical facilities in Turkey are highly technologically modern.

A shocking take about medical expenses

At a fraction of the price of any operation or treatment within the European and North American countries, you get top-quality treatment at an accredited hospital with top-of-the-line doctors.

However, it doesn’t end there. It’s easy to understand that the cost of laser surgery for the eye in the UK averages about $3800 per eye, and 9600 for the eyes. This is in addition to the legally required minimum wages of $1600 in the United Kingdom.

That’s two months of income per eye for people who are living on the minimum wage.

In Turkey However $1190, which is a just 74% of the monthly minimum wage for an UK person can buy an all-inclusive plan for the eye surgery as well as the many other benefits.

What is the typical package from Turkey appear to

  • The treatment is carried out by a highly skilled medical team in an advanced, high-tech clinic.
  • Three nights in the five-star hotel
  • Laboratory exam expenses
  • Treatments
  • Costs for equipment
  • All-round Airport transfers and VIP hospital
  • Fly and park
  • Accommodation is free for a friend
  • Personal assistants who speak your native language.

The Turkish Government is very serious about medical tourism and continues to be competitive in its efforts to serve patients from all over the globe.

In particular for dental procedures the majority of visitors mix their dental procedure with short vacations to experience the beautiful nature, stunning beaches, and the incredible food scene that Turkey offers. Some dental clinics located in Turkey could aid you in planning your vacation depending on the procedure you’re hoping to get.

Is Turkey suitable for medical tourism?

With the current circumstances of the pandemic, Turkish authorities and health facilities adhere to strict guidelines. Every clinic and health facility adheres to specific precautions which are regularly monitored from officials from the Ministry of Health. The government has developed the Safe Tourism Accreditation Scheme to ensure that airports, hotels restaurants, transportation facilities and resorts adhere to specific hygiene standards. This certification is required for operation.

For the majority of countries, such as that of the UK, Turkey is on the amber or yellow lists for travel , meaning that air companies are able to fly direct to Turkey.

You should consider getting an operation to remove your hair If you have COVID-19?

Hair transplants in Turkey generally are carried out with advanced technology that reduces the chance of having the procedure However, it is recommended to seek advice from your doctor and your Ministry of Health in your country. In reality, you can anticipate current and past health issues to delay your plans regardless of whether they’re associated or not with the pandemic.

The main priority of the government is health for the public and humans. It is possible to travel to Turkey and undergo an implant when you haven’t been diagnosed with COVID-19 and tested negative within the last 72-hours. If you’re currently being treated for COVID-19 be sure to ensure that you are taking your care of your health and ensure that you keep your physician up to date with your improvements. The clinic you’re looking to visit will offer you a seamless hair transplant procedure as health threats to the public are expected to decrease by around the year 2021’s end in the next few months.

Do hotels located in Turkey are safe to stay in?

The Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture has ensured there are thermal scans in airports and hotels alike. The hotel rooms are unoccupied for a couple of days between two guests to refresh the air quality and to clean the room.

The majority of hotels also use touchscreen apps to ensure guests can self-check-in and self-check-out from their personal devices. Hotels can go further by offering touchless keys system, room service and menus. In the end, you shouldn’t be concerned about the hospitality industry in Turkey.

What can we do to reduce risks?

If you’re concerned about the sheer volume of cases across the world, be in constant contact with your doctor and wait until the most secure moment to travel for the procedure. Be aware that the pandemic has caused anxiety and delays for all and resulted in more hair loss.

When the situation has stabilized worldwide, the number patients travelling will rise dramatically and that’s why you should schedule your dates and times to avoid delays in the future.