The most difficult problems to solve are usually problems with the motherboard or power supply. There are many factors that can cause problems as many components are placed within the motherboard. The most efficient tools to debug an motherboard is POST. In addition, if looking to buy a an entirely new motherboard since you can’t fix any issues on your previous one, browse various websites to find the most effective RX 6700XT motherboards including the final desktop.

My computer will not get past to the screen in BIOS.

If none of these techniques have worked, consider resetting your BIOS. Switch off the PC for this purpose. Restart it and, when you see something on screen, continue pressing the F2 key or click delete till you’re asked to go into setup or leave. Your BIOS will then be restored back to its factory settings and your computer should begin to boot properly. If not, it’s likely to be a problem with your hardware that may require further investigation particularly if it’s stuck in auto repair mode.

My computer is not capable of playing videos or audio files.

Re-install any audio or video cables as well as networks cables when appropriate after making sure that all cables are securely connected to both devices, and there are no obstructions to the good connections. It is essential to ensure you have your device’s audio settings set to be the default device. Then, ensure that the default device isn’t muted or set to use another audio source. If neither of the above steps succeed, you’ll likely have to install the software.

There isn’t any video currently available.

However, even after testing other monitors/cables the computer will start up with no issues, but it doesn’t display any video or picture. Verify for the presence of the card in order to ensure it is properly seated on the motherboard. Make sure that all electrical lines connecting the video card and the motherboard are securely connected. If doing this doesn’t solve the issue, the video card could require replacement. If any of these solutions fail, then there’s something wrong with the power supply and your RAM.

The computer shuts down at unconvenient times.

A stronger and more powerful power supply is needed. If your computer stops working quickly while you’re working on it, the primary reason is a malfunctioning power supply. The only solution for fixing it is to change your power supply. This will guarantee that you won’t need to confront this issue ever again. It is worth considering switching to a higher-wattage PSU when you have a CPU cooler. Another problem is that you have a number of different devices that are connected simultaneously remove everything except the monitor, the hard drive and keyboard.

Inadequate power

An easy solution for this issue is to invest in more powerful electrical power cables. If they still don’t work you could have a different hardware issue that is preventing your system from functioning properly, like an inoperative RAM stick or a malfunctioning CPU. The only way to know for sure is to take your case off and inspect the contents.