Super Pumped has just released the latest installment of Uber’s brand new series. It’s now airing and is gaining popularity like lightning. The show has revealed that Travis Kalanick’s character being played in the role of Joseph Gordon Levitt, a famous actor from the United States.

The new series, which stars Joseph Gordon as Uber’s owner filming is taking place following Travis Kalanick’s Parents Accident. Check out the article for more.

Who’s Travis Kalanick?

Of all the businessmen around the world, Travis Kalanick is currently the most well-known. Kalanick is an American businessman who has benefited millions of people with his business concept. It has created jobs for millions of people who are without jobs , and has elevated the profession of driving to a higher level.

We all knew him when his business concept exploded. He was co-founder and the CEO of the Uber Company.

In recent weeks, Super Pumped has released an article about the Uber cofounders’ revolution. The event takes place following the Travis Kalanick Parents’ Accident. Here are the complete information.

The super-pumped series:

The whole story centers around the revolutionary movement which Travis Kalanick started against ground transport , and then the advent of Uber. This Super Pumped series’ name is “The Battle of Uber” and stars Joseph Gordon Levitt in the leading role of Travis Kalanick.

Learn the most successful and ambitious person by diving into the story. Brian Koppelman and David Levien direct it. Following Travis Kalanick’s Parents Accident The series will air. The series will focus on the rollercoaster adventure of Uber’s co-founder. In spite of all odds, Uber company rebelled against large tech firms and stood out among most well-known tech companies, which focuses on internal struggles.

The series also examines the story of a man who was regarded as the most inefficient of tech, changed his mind from being a snob to a hero and to the all-over deal that made Travis Kalanick. and how he grew his network across the world.

All About Travis Kalanick Parents Accident

Travis Kalanick (CEO of Uber) has had to traverse the most challenging phase of his life prior to releasing the show. Based on reports Bonnie Kalanick, Travis mom, was on the boat on a Friday night when he and his partner had to be involved in a major boat crash. His father suffered serious injuries and his mother suffered a loss of life.


Because of the boat incident Travis Kalanick’s parents both killed in the year 2017.

We have now closed after providing all the details we could find through an analysis on the war with Uber. The information was made public following Travis Kalanick’s parents’ accident.