What is DeFi?

Defi or Decentralized Finance is an umbrella term used to describe blockchain-based financial applications which allow you to do any financial activity without relying on intermediaries such as banks. The term ‘Decentralized’ means that you don’t need to depend on any intermediaries. Here no permission is required to move your money. No reason to depend on them for storage, oversight, etc, and pay a fee.

 It ensures effective and easy access to any financial service wherever you are, whenever you want. This decentralized approach also helps in democratizing finance. Since its advent, around $100 billion dollars have been moved in the de-fi market. Despite that, Defi developers are still pretty new and growing rapidly.

Benefits of DeFi

1.  Permissionless / Inclusive-

The term ‘Decentralized’ means that you don’t need to depend on any intermediary or bank for accessing your money. You don’t require any permission or have to wait in line or do tremendous paperwork to use it. You will be having complete access to your funds, at any given time.

2. Composability–  DeFi can combine multiple applications and protocols into one or more new systems. With this ability, the applications can interact and integrate among themselves to do operations without asking permission. 

3. Immutable- DeFi systems are private, secure, and transparent. Once a contract is enabled, it cannot be changed and allows for safer transactions.

 4. Accessibility: You only need to have an internet connection and a wallet to access any financial service wherever you are, whenever you want. This open finance approach helps democratize finance. 

Moreover, it also provides data storage, oversight, server space, and other benefits. This ensures effective and easy access to your finances without demanding any fees

 Skills of a DeFi Developer- 

If you are someone looking for a DeFi app developer job, you need to have knowledge in some basic skills that are required  in the blockchain industry. Some of the crucial skills needed are as follow:

Knowledge of blockchain- It is common sense that developers, especially freshers, should have an understanding of blockchain concepts like networking, data structures, cryptography, bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Have a clear understanding of all the crucial things.

Blockchain Architecture- For candidates looking to make a career in DeFi app development, they should have complete knowledge of blockchain architecture and its functions. A blockchain has four types of architecture- Private, Public, Hybrid, and Consortium and a developer should be well-versed in all. 

Smart contracts – Smart contracts are basically digital agreements that are coded in DeFi apps so a particular trade can happen. They are the most important part of a DeFi system and hence the most crucial DeFi Developer Skills to have.

Cryptography– Cryptography allows security in the DeFi network. DeFi developers should have a deep understanding of the cryptography concepts like digital signatures, wallets, and keys. They should also learn how to prevent unauthorized access to servers and data. 

Solidity- Knowledge of this programming language is a must. Solidity is a high-level OOPs language that is used to implement Smart Contracts on blockchain platforms such as Ethereum. 

Programming Languages- A DeFi developer requires knowledge of various languages to develop the blockchain platform and environment. Some common languages you need to be proficient in are C#, C++, Python and Java.

Developing Applications- Of course, the most basic yet important DeFi Developer Skill. Learn to develop DeFi applications with Solidity, create and deploy tokens, and other frameworks.

Data Structure- Whole DeFi and blockchain network works on data structures. Each block in the network is a form of data structure that bundles transactions for a ledger. DeFi developers require knowledge of various data structures such as hash trees, binary trees, heaps, graphs, merkle trees, etc to build the blockchain network.

Learn a bit or two about the finance and banking sectors to become more proficient in developing DeFi apps.

Salaries of Defi Developer based on experience-

DeFi jobs Salaries are directly related to one’s experience. Being more experienced, you can apply for more senior positions and get higher salaries. Depending on the experience, the salaries for DeFi developers are categorized into:

DeFi jobs Salary at Beginner Level: A person with 0-1 year of blockchain experience usually has as much as $100,000 annual income.

DeFi jobs Salary for New Developer: A person with 1-2 years of blockchain experience usually has as much as $120,000 annual income.

DeFi jobs Salary for Experienced Developer: A person with 2-4 year of blockchain experience usually have as much as $140,000 annual income.

DeFi jobs Salary for Master Developer: A person with 4-5 year of blockchain experience usually have as much as $150,000 annual income.

Top 10 Websites to find DeFi Developers-

  1.  Optymize

Optymize is one of the best platforms that connects developers with global clients. The global marketplace has expertise in Blockchain, Metaverse, and NFT. It offers many Remote Defi Jobs such as DeFi smart contract development, Token development, defi app development, etc. The job can include contractual long-term projects from top companies like Amazon and Tesla. The DeFi developers are hired on the basis of a vetting process that tests DeFi Developer’s Skills

  1.  Turing- 

Turing is another great marketplace that has an AI-based website. AI helps tech companies to match their ideal developers. They are one of the leading platforms with a workforce of more than a million developers from more than 100 countries. They also hire through a vetting process and demand some essential  DeFi Developer Skills such as efficiency in coding, experience with solidity, smart contracts, etc. 

  1. Toptal-

Toptal is another great platform for remote DeFi developers. It is a marketplace that provides a global network of top DeFi developers, programmers, and consultants. Developers are hired on demand and help the businesses in scaling up and are handsomely paid. The DeFi jobs Salary is either on an hourly basis or salaried depending upon the way of collaboration.  Just like Turing, they too have their workforce distributed all across the world. 

  1. BairesDev-  

 BairesDev is one of the leading software companies with a reputation to hire only the top 1% of the best IT talent across the globe. They hire DeFi developers from almost every country to build a multicultural ecosystem. The Remote Defi Jobs include developing smart contracts, building the front end and back end of Dapps, full-stack development, etc. Apart from a handsome DeFi job Salary, they also provide flexible work schedules and paid leaves for remote workers.

5. Brain trust-

Braintrust is a complete blockchain marketplace with its own cryptocurrency BTRST. Their whole network runs on Ethereum. The clients post the job requirement with specific needs which the algorithm matches with the ideal talents. There is almost zero cost cutting and you will be paid fully, with no intermediary charges. Remote workers and freelancers have all the benefits of independence and the stability of a full-time job. 

6. Apriorit-

Apriorit is another great company for remote DeFi developers. The company has developers from over 10 countries and handles clients from Fortune 500 companies. The company specializes in smart contract development, DeFi app development, blockchain consulting, and other related services. They create blockchain apps for different industries, such as healthcare, fintech, real estate, etc. Remote Defi Jobs comprises database professionals, smart contract developers, DevOps programmers, etc. 

7. SARA Technologies

This IT company specializes in mobile and web development services with expertise in industry 4.0 & blockchain solutions. They work on blockchain apps, decentralized protocols, Ethereum and hyper ledger development, etc. They also create smart contracts as per clients’ demands. You also require to have the necessary  DeFi Developer Skills in order to join. Since its advent in 2003, it is one of the best blockchain companies in the market currently.

8. Ava Labs

 If you have heard about Avalanche token and platform, then this is the company that deals with it. Ava Labs is another blockchain company with a reputation for being the fastest smart contract platform. Many companies come to Ava Labs to create dApps, wallets, tokens, DeFi development, smart contract design, and many other features. You can apply for Remote Defi Jobs here.

9. Upwork –

  If you are looking for Remote Defi Jobs on part-time basis or as a freelancer, then Upwork can be a good option to consider. The freelancers have to bid the lowest price for doing the assigned projects. From developer jobs to providing services, you can list yourself in any category. There is no interview, so the applying freelancer has to have the necessary defi developer skills while making a profile. 

10.  Fiverr-

Fiverr is also a freelancer marketplace like Upwork which freelancers and professionals can join. Many clients who are in need of a short-term Remote Defi Job hire developers from here. The developer has to create gigs with specific services listed on them. In each gig, you can place three different price levels based on the complexity of the task or the time required. The companies or clients hire on the basis of that. 


You surely have gotten some clarity by now. The blog covered some top DeFi platforms, skills a developer requires, and salary based on experience.  I am sure this list has given you a rough roadmap if you are considering a career as a DeFi developer.  I hope you get your favorite picks among the list for Remote Defi Jobs. Starting the next phase of your life as a DeFi developer will be filled with challenges, but will still have fun.