Wet and wavy hair can completely transform a woman’s look. That’s why women go crazy for this look!

Buy wet and wavy hair to give that gorgeous wet look to your clients! That’s the quickest method to attract more customers and make them happy.

Buying wholesale hair is a smart move since you get to save money on such deals.

Look for top hair vendors who sell wholesale human hair and this way, you can make a profit and keep your clients satisfied at the same time.

There are hundreds of suppliers, and whichever you choose, you can save money by buying in bulk.

Pick your hair vendor from the list below to buy wet and wavy hair at wholesale prices.

This blog includes:

  • India Hair International (IHI)
  • Adorable Hair Suppliers
  • Beauty Forever Hair
  • Black Beauty Wigs
  • Hair Factory
  • Julia  Hair
  • Klaiyi Hair  
  • Nadula Hair
  • Queens Plus Hair
  • UNice Hair
  • Final thoughts

#1 India Hair International (IHI)

Buy wet and wavy hair from IHI at wholesale prices

Buy wet and wavy hair from India Hair International if you want to mint coins from your hair business!

They have the most popular textures, lengths, and styles to suit any woman!

You can keep a variety of wet and wavy hair products to give the best be-fitting look to your clients.

And fear not! IHI only deals with virgin Indian hair sourced directly from Indian temples. You will get a good review of what you are delivering!

Whether you run a big salon chain or a small hair studio, they provide premium quality wet and wavy hair at wholesale prices.

#2 Adorable Hair Suppliers

Get your wet and wavy hair from Adorable Hair Suppliers

Adorable Hair Supplier offers 100% natural Indian and Brazilian human hair to retail and salon chains.

You can buy wet and wavy hair with aligned cuticles at their store. It’s worth noting that hair purchased from this company comes directly from the donor.

Their winning team of specialists and stylists will assist you in buying wet and wavy hair at their boutiques.

Adorable Hair Suppliers have a steady supply of wet and wavy hair items such as wigs, extensions, and ponytails.

Turn to Adorable Hair Suppliers to stock your store with high-quality wet and wavy hair products.

#3 Beauty Forever Hair

Beauty Forever Hair is another top vendor to buy wet and wavy hair from

Beauty Forever provides high-quality hair at a low cost, without funky odors or the worry of hair tangling or shedding.

They use virgin human hair to create wet and wavy extensions free of chemical and color treatments.

Wet and Wavy Hair from Beauty forever Hair Company complements most hair textures and has a silky, natural feel.

#4 Black Beauty Wigs

Hair businesses of all sizes can buy wet and wavy hair from Black Beauty Wigs.

They are a reputable and knowledgeable human hair manufacturer. Their experienced staff is committed to serving your needs.

With wet and wavy collections from Black Beauty Wigs, you can give your client exactly what they want – a gorgeous wet look with low-maintenance extensions!

Their wet and wavy hair accessories are tangle-free, shedding-free, and long-lasting.

#5 Hair Factory

Hair Factory supplies the highest-grade wet and wavy hair

Hair Factory is one of the top wholesalers run by a woman to provide premium hair accessories.

Their crew has been in the beauty industry for over 60 years and has a wealth of information for today’s beauty-conscious ladies.

They know what kind of hair extensions women want! So, buy wet and wavy hair from Hair Factory to fulfill your clients’ needs.

Hair Factory supplies only the highest quality human hair!

Their wet and wavy hair products are Remy-single-drawn and smoothed using silicone in the processing stages.

You don’t need to do more processing or dying; you can put them on and style them right away.

#6 Julia Hair

Julia Hair offers long, wet, and wavy hair.

The Julia Hair Company offers high-quality human hair in various styles and textures. Wet and wavy hair is one of their client-favorite collections!

Julia Hair is well-known for its high-quality hair, including Brazilian, Peruvian, and Malaysian hair.

This hair vendor can be one of your favorites for two reasons: (i) the costs are reasonable, and (ii) they offer long hair items for those ladies who prefer long, gorgeous locks.

#7 Klaiyi Hair  

Buy fashionable wet and wavy hair from Klaiyi Hair

Klaiyi Hair is your go-to store if you want to attract more clients with perfect wet and wavy hair.

Klaiyi integrates style, fashion, and quality in each hair bundle, so you get the best products at a lower price if you buy them wholesale.

They supply 100% Remy human hair that satisfies international quality requirements.

Klaiyi has some of the best wet and wavy products in premium quality at wholesale prices.

#8 Nadula Hair

Buy wet and wavy hair from Nadula Hair at an affordable rate

Nadula Hair is a Remy human hair dealer that supplies distributors, vendors, salons, and online shop owners with high-quality human hair products and services.

Out of their collections, wet and wavy hair is one of their best-selling: known for its luscious bounce and beautiful wave patterns.

The company provides a wide range of curl patterns for wet and wavy hair extensions.

They have a global warehouse and overnight shipping options from their headquarters in Huntington Beach, California.

#9 Queens Plus Hair

Queens Plus gives its consumers high-quality, wet and wavy hair at wholesale.

Consider Queens Plus Hair if you want to buy wet and wavy hair at wholesale prices. Their wet and wavy products are considered to be the best among many!

That’s because they gather virgin human hair from all over the world to fulfill the needs of users of all races and skin tones.

The collected hair is processed naturally, assembled, and packaged before being supplied to salons, retail and online vendors.

They have tight quality control procedures and competent staff to give the most outstanding quality.

#10 UNice Hair

UNice Hair sells high-quality, wet and wavy hair globally

UNice Hair has earned numerous honors for wholesale initiatives since its establishment in 2018.

They offer 24-hour customer support, free shipping on all orders, 30-day returns with no hassles, professional hair consultants, and wholesaler programs.

UNice Hair sells one of the best quality products in the market, be it wigs, extensions, or wet and wavy hair.

It’s one of the best stores to turn to when you have to buy wet and wavy hair. They will give you their premium, wet and wavy products at wholesale prices.

#New Times Hair

As an experienced toupee manufacturer with its own hairpiece factory, New Times Hair is committed to manufacturing top-class hair systems of various designs.

 All hair materials used for production are of the highest quality. Both straight hair and wavy hair are available in a number of hair types and colors for the wearers to choose from. Whether it be men’s toupee items or wigs for women, the wearers always remain impressed and reassured in all aspects.

Final Thoughts 

Nothing beats buying wet and wavy products at wholesale prices and selling them at a significant profit for hair business owners.

Given their popularity among women, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest in wet and wavy hair products.

The only issue is where to find these items at wholesale costs. However, you now know where to find them.

We recommend checking out India Hair International because they have the best wet and wavy hair products.

IHI has over 30 years of experience selling superior human hair products and can match its customers’ needs while staying with current trends.

If you have a hair business, read where to buy the best virgin Indian hair. Apart from wet and wavy hair, virgin Indian hair will lure more clients due to its popularity in the market!