Supercell published Clash Royale, an open-source real-time strategy game. It includes elements from tower defense games, collectible cards games, and multiplayer online combat arena games.

The game launched worldwide on March 2, 2016. Today, we will discuss the rarest emotes found in Clash Royale. It has been quite some time since the introduction of emotes in games. Clash Royale got emotes in the same year that it was released: 2016.

Clash Royale: Why Emotes are Useful?

Emotes allow participants to communicate during combat. Most Emotes include sound effects and animations.

You can transmit emotes by tapping the right button when you are engaged in battle, watching battle or conversing with Clan members.

While in Clan chat, the player can tap the smiley face button next to the text button to access their Emote collections.

The word bubbles and Emote Deck of their Emotes do not display. Instead, their Emotes will be displayed in chronological order across 20 pages. The oldest Emotes will be at the top and left, and the youngest Emotes closer towards the bottom.

The Main Purpose Of Emotes In Game

Emotes are the only way to communicate with viewers or opponents during a match. There are six messages. It is up to the player to decide if emotes can be useful. They are loved by some and hated by others.

They are active and present in the game, regardless of their situation. Let’s dive in and find out which Clash Royale Emotes have the most rarest.

How can you tell if Emote is REST?

Although you should be able understand what I mean when I say the Rarest, just in case, this is the link for casual and new players.

Rarest is not part of an emote’s game-specific classification. When determining the unusual emotion for this list, we consider many elements.

  • There are emotes available to purchase every two months in our shop. They are not rare. Rare items are the rarest items that you can find in the game. If they’re not available, they will not be made again.
  • Supercell’s free emotes are notable emotes. We all received the Lost & Crowned emote. It will not be available anymore, but will be sent to all accounts. It is not unusual. It will be available once it is out.
  • It is well-known that rare and valuable items can be difficult to find. Emote, aside from the jokes, are very difficult to find. Only about 80% of players have them. This makes them one of the most rare of all items. These abilities may require a certain level or completion of a difficult task.

List Of Rarest Emotes In Clash Royale

Royal Ghost Gem

The Royal Ghost emote corresponds with Season 17 of Clash Royale’s Treasures of the Old King. The Royal Ghost is the game-playing ghost a long-dead monarch, who has amassed large amounts of gold and gems hidden somewhere within the Clash Royale Palace. This emoticon is his favorite gem, and it never fails to entertain him.

The Ghost is shocked to see the Gem and launches a small scream. This emote was given to players who had earned Legend Trophies prior to the 2018 update. The 2018 update modified the game and eliminated the dual-type trophies. It’s not new.

Santa Ice Wizard and Santa Ice Spirit

Two of our frigid friends, Ice Wizard and Ice Spirit, dressed up as Santa during the 2018 Holiday Season. These cards have the only Clash Royale emotes, and also feature the Santa hat emote.

  • You could call it a Clash Universe Christmas depiction. These emotes are unique and only available for December 2018, but have never been on the market.

We are approaching December, and who knows? Maybe we will get some Christmas emotes. The one with the Ice Wizard blowing in the snow won’t be ours.

Trophy Goblin Emote

The Trophy goblin Emote from Clash Royale, another one of our little green friends’ emotes is also available. It’s unique in how it can be obtained in 2018. This emote was given to players who connected their YouTube account with their Supercell ID. They also received it if they viewed the CRL 2018 finals live.

This is an emote that can be acquired without actually playing the game. This signifies that you are a committed Clash Royale player. This is also an older version.

Champion Tournament King

This unique emote shows the King smiling as he holds a large trophy with the number 1. This Clash Royale emote was first seen in the Global Tournament in Jan 2020.

This emoticon is awarded to the Global Tournament’s top 100 players. This emoticon is only available to a small number of Clash Royale players.

CRL 2019 Goblin

This Goblin, with his face painted red-and-blue, is the symbol of the 2019 Clash Royale League 20 Win Challenge. This emoticon was awarded to those who completed the CRL challenge with 20 wins. The happy expression of the goblin says it all.

The game became more difficult with semi-pros dominating the game. This expression is not for everyone.


Emotes can be used to communicate with your opponents and express yourself during play. There are a few emotes that are rarer and more valuable than others. This can vary from one person to the next. People value the emotes they use in their games. Others believe that the most valuable emotes are those that are rare and not used often.