SuvenduAdhikari, the leader of the opposition, was suspended from the West Bengal Assembly on Monday by Speaker BimanBandyopadhyay for alleged unruly behavior in the House. Five other BJP MLAs were also suspended. The Speaker of the House of Representatives prohibited Adhikari, as well as BJP members DipakBurman, Shankar Ghosh, Manoj Tigga, and NarahariMahato, from participating in the balance of the current legislative session.

An earlier session of the assembly had descended into chaos as MLAs from the ruling Trinamool Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) exchanged punches after saffron party MPs demanded a response from Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on the “rapidly deteriorating” peace and order situation in West Bengal.

Approximately 25 BJP MLAs, headed by Leader of the Opposition SuvenduAdhikari, then marched out of the House, claiming that TMC MLAs had roughed up several of their colleagues on the floor.

In contrast, TMC leader and State Minister Firhad Hakim has cautioned top-breaking news on political reporters that the BJP is staging a spectacle in order to create mayhem in the assembly.

He went on to say that several TMC lawmakers were injured during the brawl that took place in the House.

The Bengal BJP took to Twitter to express their displeasure with the governing party. According to the allegation, TMC MLAs reportedly dragged BJP MLA NarhariMahato to the ground by his hair as he was in the House of Commons.

“Democracy is a fraud!” says the author. In the Assembly, a corrosive tyranny is in operation. TMC MLAs dragged BJP MLA NarhariMahato to the ground by his hair, according to reports. Because to the TMC, the West Bengal Legislative Assembly is now experiencing a dreadful death of democracy!

The government of West Bengal is doing what they do best! Priti Gandhi, a spokeswoman for the BJP, remarked that

MLAs from the TMC were physically harassed by BJP members of the assembly when they requested a special session to discuss the Rampurhat massacre. Bengal has been reduced to this under Mamata’s rule, despite the fact that it was once known for its rich literary legacy and culture!” she said on Twitter.

SukantaMajumdar, the head of the Bengal Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), described the occurrence as “a new low for democracy in West Bengal.”

According to the news agency PTI, some 25 BJP MLAs, headed by Adhikari, then rushed out of the assembly, claiming that TMC MLAs had roughed up several party members inside the House.

Even within the legislature, MLAs are not protected. Some TMC MLAs assaulted at least 8-10 of our lawmakers, including chief whip Manoj Tigga, when we requested that the CM give a statement in the House on the law-and-order situation Adhikari expressed his thoughts.

TMC state minister Firhad Hakim, on the other hand, warned reporters that the BJP is making a show to create disorder in the legislature. Inside the house, a few of our MLAs were hurt. We strongly criticize the BJP’s actions he said.

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