This genre of games is excellent for people who love to play hardcore and high FPS games. Shooting Games are always fun until they are not real obviously. We have not included PUBG or Call of Duty Mobile because they are already known by almost every other gamer. So let’s check out the list of top 5 underrated shooting games for mobile.

Critical Ops

Another excellent game is Critical Ops. If you enjoy shooting games, you will probably love this one. This one has decent graphics and online multiplayer. There are plenty of weapons and skins to choose from, and there’s an intense solo campaign to get you addicted. It’s also incredibly social, with a big learning curve. While the gameplay isn’t perfect, it’s worth it if you love sci-fi games.

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Cover Fire

Cover Fire is a great offline shooter. It’s got tons of guns and a ton of action! It has a lot of different classes and options, and looks and feels like a console game. It’s free to play, but some of its features are paid for. You can also play multiple soldiers at one time, each with a different skill set and ability. This game will keep you busy for hours!

Modern Combat

Modern Combat is another great game to download. It’s been a mobile staple for years and has managed to regain its crown as one of the top shooting games. It’s full of incredible features and a competitive online community. You’ll enjoy playing it in the sandbox, arcade mode, or multiplayer. There’s also a huge variety of weapons and modes, so you can never get bored of playing it.

Modern Combat has been one of the top-rated games for mobile users. It’s made its mark with a great solo campaign and features, including over 10 classes and in-game purchases. Unlike many other shooting games, Modern Combat also has a lot of modes. There’s always something to keep you busy. The Best Shooting Games For Mobile a Reviewed & Unrated! Latest Releases

This sci-fi-themed game has a lot of fans. It has been called the Halo of modern combat. Its graphics are good, and there are some interesting features, but the freemium nature makes it hard to find some of the best shooting games for mobile. Just download the apps you’re interested in, and you’ll be playing in no time. All the best shooting games for mobile are available on mobile!

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Blazing Sniper

This offline shooting game requires you to fight zombies while protecting your country. You can complete over 50 different shooter tasks with this game, making it an excellent choice for shooting lovers. You’ll never get bored with this mobile title. And with the many options available, the selection is endless. It’s hard to choose between Top 5 Shooting Games For Mobile. So, Pick Your Favorite

Black Squad

A multiplayer game for Android, this first person shooter game is twitchy and precise. If you love Counter-Strike and Global Offensive, you’ll love Black Squad. The twitchy controls and sound effects are over-the-top! Whether you’re a pro or a casual player, this multiplayer shooter is guaranteed to be entertaining. A new version is coming soon.

Guns of Boom

For the best multiplayer experience, you’ll need to try out Guns of Boom. It’s an arcade-style shooting game with stylized graphics but still manages to be fun and addicting. Its single-player campaign has over 20 hours of gameplay, and it will keep you busy for hours. The game’s online multiplayer mode makes it an excellent choice for those who want to play games. It’s also very easy to download.


Despite their unique design, shooting games on mobile offer players mesmerizing graphics and realistic gameplay. As a result, they’re among the top games for mobile. There are endless possibilities, and the options are endless. You’ll never be bored playing these fun titles. You’ll never find the same game twice!

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