At work as well as at home, we’re becoming connected, inspired and empowered by technology. The possibilities for innovation are emerging across all spheres of life as businesses and individuals develop at an incredible rate. What does the near future hold for us?

The tools are becoming more readily available to allow us to flourish and prosper, in the end. It is predicted that the number of internet users worldwide will reach five billion by the end of the year and smart technology is dominating our homes, offices and urban settings.

You’re someone that loves to be on the latest trends here are five important technological trends to keep an eye out for in 2022.


The idea of 5G technology isn’t new. However, since claims about its connection to COVID-19 are widely dismissed. 5G’s adoption is likely to increase significantly in the coming year.

5G is a lot faster in download and upload speeds than 4G, and is particularly beneficial to those who are using the Internet of Things (IoT). 5G also speeds up connectivity in places that are crowded and will not slow down when networks become busy.


The metaverse will become a virtual world in which you will be able to meet with your colleagues or work, shop, and play as your own avatar, all thanks to virtual real-world technology and augmented reality.

It’s likely to take several years before the metaverse is able to reach the fullest potential. However, Facebook’s change of name to Meta has shown that the right time to hop into the metaverse is now.


The advancement in technology for education came partly due to necessity, as the pandemic slowed closures of schools across the globe.

Today, the market for e-learning is becoming a major business as firms create tools that provide exciting learning experiences, both online and in person. There’s also a growing push for young people to be involved in the field of technology and programming, with educational institutions such as OKdo aiding in generating enthusiasm for programming as an example.


Blockchain is a different technology that has been around for a long time but is slowly getting mainstream. The distributed ledger of decentralised data is at the heart of a number of highly-publicised concepts, such as cryptocurrency such as data encryption, the non-fungible currency (NFTs).

It’s got a wider-reaching potential, but will result in positive change in fields like medical information as well as copyright law and control of the supply chain.

Pure technology

Sustainable living isn’t something to be desired but an absolute necessity. The increasing risk of climate change the driving force behind innovation in what’s known as cleantech. It attempts to reduce the environmental impact while maximizing the utilization the natural resource.

The most important developments right now include electric vehicles as well as rechargeable batteries, and solutions for managing waste. Making cryptocurrency mining more efficient mining is also a major goal.

Other emerging trends in tech include artificial intelligence software for collaboration in the workplace and the telehealth industry. With the pace of change changing at a rapid pace, what areas do you feel the most excited about?