A very essential element to every Indian woman’s wardrobe is a 6 yards of elegance and grace. The saree. You are bound to fall in love with it at least once in your life and have a collection of it, no matter how big or small. Now, when you are draping yourself in the 6 yards of beauty, it is vague not to pair it up with fine jewellery. You gotta make that statement. 

To sheer yard of elegance and to accentuate the beauty you are, here are a few trendy necklaces that ought to have a place in your closet area:

  1. Oxidised Necklace: the very thing you get your hands to when you have decided to walk down the ethnic road. Giving off a very chic, bohemian vibe you can style it with simple cotton-to-handloom sarees. When your saree is simple and so is the border, to add up to the look and accentuate it a bit, pair it with an oxidised choker or an oxidised long necklace. This very fine addition makes it look traditional yet modern. 
  1. Pearl Necklace: for special occasions, where you want to make a statement but don’t want to look overdressed. A chiffon saree paired with a pearl necklace gives off a very regal look. And you look nothing less than stunning.  
  1. Diamond Necklace: you can never go wrong with diamonds, add it with any saree you always look exquisite. Diamonds are suitable for every occasion. It’s dainty and elegant and fits everywhere. May it be an office look or a wedding look. From a single-layered to an intricate necklace, you don’t want to miss a diamond necklace.
  1.  Kundan Necklace: for bright occasions, going subtle is an option but we can always pass that. Go with Kundan jewellery glass cut work to add a shine to your look that makes you look charming and appealing. 
  1. Beaded Necklace: for the quirky and fun side of yours, adding a bit of delight to your ethnic look is always an exclusive choice, going with a beaded choker or long necklace to pair with your saree, may it be silk or georgette is a clever option. You look ravishing and drop-dead gorgeous. 

When you love to dress up and be open with versatile options of accessories you would want to be backed up with resources.

We have all gone through this at least once in a while, when you had this particular event where you wanted to look bewitched and have everything perfect, easy on the budget made your cuts.

It’s a real bummer.

What about the number of occasions that never repeat themselves, but each one is crucial? If you are someone who is always out, attending events and you ought to look good all the buying and storing them up to never getting to repeat them is not that very great. Is it?

Then why not simply rent?

Yes, you can do that. 

It’s cost-friendly and eco-friendly. 

It woke me up. 
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