Dandruff is a very common skin condition that usually manifests when the scalp scales that are on the scalp get dry, inflamed and trigger itching. In certain instances the dandruff can be a sign of a medical condition however, it could also be caused by products for styling or pollution, as well as stress. No matter what the cause there are a variety of remedies at home that can be used to treat dandruff and keep it from coming back. Inki-Systemic is a natural shampoo for dandruff that contains an unique blend of natural ingredients that aid in restoring the scalp’s balance.

Dandruff is a frequent problem for people. It’s characterized with the appearance of dry, flaky patches that appear on the hair and scalp. Dandruff can cause irritation, itching, and sensitivity to contact. Dandruff is caused by an excessive growth of the skin fungus referred to as Malassezia.

Salt rinse

Mix 1 cup of warm water and 1/4 cup of salt in a pot or bowl and apply it to your scalp. Massage it into your hair for at least 2 minutes before washing it off by using cool water. This helps remove any excess oil from your hair and lessen the itchiness that is caused by seborrhea and dandruff skin ailment.

The act of brushing your hair with salt is a fantastic method to clean your scalp and get rid of dirt products, oil, and buildup. The salt functions as an emulsifier, assisting the cleanser to sink deeper into the scalp to penetrate into your hair. It also has antimicrobial properties to aid in reducing excess oil and kill the bacteria that cause dandruff or other scalp problems. For use in your hair make a mixture of a teaspoon of salt with 2 tablespoons warm water. Mix until the salt dissolves.

Hot oil

Apply a tiny amount of olive oil onto your scalp to increase circulation and create a climatic that encourages the development in new cells for your skin. Hair will appear healthier, especially if avoid shampoos for dandruff, which dry the scalp and promote flaking.

Hot oil is an excellent way to open the scalp, which means it will be able to absorb more the cleanser as well as the salt. To make hot oil combine three parts oil and one portion salt. Then, heat this mixture using a microwave on the stove for around an hour. Add one tablespoon of oil mix to your hands then mix the mixture until it is well dispersed. Massage it into your scalp.

Tea rinse

Mix one cup of tea leaves and 1 cup of water inside a pot or bowl and place your hair over the mix, and let it to colour your locks for at minimum two minutes. Rinse it off by using cool water. Black tea is particularly helpful for dandruff since it is antifungal and can assist in removing the skin of the excess oil and the fungi that cause the condition.

Tea rinse is another excellent method to open your scalp and allow access to the oil and dirt that is hidden inside. To make a tea rinse boil water , and then put two tea bags in. Allow the water to cool before adding two teaspoons of sea salt. Salt draws all moisture from the tea and could be used to make an excellent hair wash.

Lemon juice

Mix equal amounts of lime juice with water. Then, apply the mixture on your scalp and apply it to your scalp for a minimum of two minutes before washing it off by rinsing it off with cool water. Lemon contains astringent properties that aid in reducing the flaking and itching that can be caused by dandruff due to its vitamin C content.

Dandruff can be the most prevalent scalp issue that the majority people experience at some time during our lifetime. It’s characterised by itchy, dry white, flaky skin that can be irritating uncomfortable and embarrassing. Dandruff usually occurs when the skin and hair follicles that line the scalp get blocked with dry skin cells and oil and bacteria. There are many reasons for Dandruff, which include dry climates, products for hair as well as stress, medications and many more.

Aloe vera

If you own an aloe vera plant take a small piece of the leaf and use it for a hair rinse. Apply the juice to your head and let it coat the hair with a light color for at least 2 minutes before washing it off by using cool, refreshing water. Aloe vera is an all-natural moisturizing agent and anti-fungal ingredient which can help relieve the itching associated with dandruff.

Aloe vera is a herb that has been utilized for long periods of time by traditional healers as well as modern Western medicine to treat many ailments like dandruff. This plant has a native habitat in regions that are tropical regions in Africa, Asia, and South America. It is a succulent plant which grows as a plant or trees. It produces liquid that is the main ingredient in the aloe plant. applying it to your scalp, it helps to soften and cleanse hair, relax the scalp and encourage healthy hair growth.