A lot of people love going to National Hockey League games. The hockey season doesn’t run all the time and hockey enthusiasts are left with a few choices to entertain themselves. With online streaming, they can watch tons of hockey films available. Although you won’t experience the same thrills as playing in a real arena however, there will be around two hours of entertainment ready for your enjoyment. Whatever your tastes, old school or modern, Olympic or pee-wee There’s a film that will please those who love hockey.

Let’s stop the chat, and review some of the greatest sports films ever. Take a look at the top five hockey films of all time.

Indian Horse

Canadian film festivals are awestruck by Indian Horse because it delves into topics that other hockey-related films tend to shy away from. The story is about Saul the Canadian Indian who grows up in the corrupt, racist and violent school system that is Residential Canadian Indian schools. Saul has been a victim of oppression and discrimination in his entire life. Despite battling extreme alcoholism, Saul is an outstanding hockey player despite the circumstances that afflict him and he has a sense of purpose in spite of the difficulties that he has to face.

Slap Shot

A classic comedy in the 1970s, Slap Shot is considered to be among the best of the sposrt titles of the decade. The story follows Reggie Dunlop, who is the coach for the Charlestown Chiefs, is a minor-league hockey player. The movie goes beyond looking forward to a win casino at casinos Kingdom. After discovering how his club is scheduled to crumble towards the end of the season Dunlop unleashes a new weapon known as The Hanson Brothers. In a brutaland aggressive style of play Hanson Brothers cause chaos to the league, and cause the Chiefs to recognize that even if they aren’t able to score, they are able to take on teams.

Les Boys

A film from 1997 called Les Boys portrays an amateur hockey team along with its players. There’s plenty of humor in this film due to the lack of maturity of the characters who are getting older. the childish behaviour of characters is portrayed in a variety of subplots. Twenty-four years after its debut it remains a classic with many players due to its use of humorous elements that are not accepted nowadays. If you’re looking for amusement like you bet for your team’s hockey player in casino sites online then this is the right film for you. It has even been ranked as one of the best, but still hilarious sports comedy.

The Rocket

The Rocket, a biopic inspired by the life of Maurice “The Rocket” Richard The film focuses on the challenges the hockey star , who was a hit with five dollar deposit casino players, faced in order to climb to the top of the heap. As an former Montreal Canadiens player, Richard believes that French Canadian hockey players weren’t treated in the same manner as those of their English counterparts. There was a major dispute in the past with NHL president due to of a lack of respect. A fascinating look at the life of one of the greatest sportsmen ever and his influence on hockey.


It’s an enforcer-centric sports film that is centered around Doug Glatt, a kindhearted bouncer who comes from a smart family. When he is watching an amateur hockey match and wins, he easily beats an opponent team who attacked him in a furious manner. The coach of the local team asks Doug to join his team following the fight, even though he’s no hockey or skating experience as they require someone to help them enforce their talented but struggling player. There’s a lot of passion in the comedy that adds to the heartwarming and entertaining quality in the story.