When you have accidentally deleted a file or folder, it is quite possible to restore it. There are various programs that are designed to do this, fortunately, some tools are highly effective. We’ve reviewed the top four tools to get back deleted files in under a minute and listed the pros and cons of each. 

Here are top 4 tools for Data recovery:

  1.  iTop Data Recovery

iTop Data Recovery software uses a sophisticated algorithm to recover your files. It scans your drive in under 1 click and can also recover personal folders. The software’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to find and preview files. Moreover, it supports many file formats. Therefore, it is a great choice for recovering deleted files. 


First of all, this tool has fast scanning capabilities. It can recover deleted files within a minute with file formats over 1000. Moreover, the software is also available in various scan modes. Users can select a file type or a location to search for lost files. This feature allows you to get back all lost files in the fastest time possible. It also lets you preview the files before restoring them.

This software is also capable of recovering permanently deleted files from the Recycle Bin. A good data recovery tool should have the capability to retrieve deleted files from all types of Windows systems. So, iTop Data Recovery software is a smart option if you need to retrieve your files in a hurry.

In case of accidental deletion of files, you need to use data recovery software that has a high success rate. The program is designed to recover files in a variety of states including those affected by viruses and malwares. Whether you have deleted them accidentally or through a virus, you’ll be able to get back your files in no time with the help of iTop Data Recovery software.

It has an easy-to-use and straightforward interface. It asks for the hard drive that you want to recover. Or, it will scan your entire system to identify deleted files. It can even detect deleted files that have been accidentally overwritten. It also allows you to select a destination folder where to save your recovered files. It’s important to save the recovered files in a different location than where you installed it. Moreover, iTop is a company that specializes in helping businesses integrate disparate data sources into a single 360-degree view of their customers. Its technology helps companies eliminate data silos by automating the data movement process. It supports over 100 data sources and has no coding requirement. With the help of iTop, you can restore deleted files in one minute. Their Data Recovery tool supports a variety of data formats and is designed to integrate with diverse applications.

  1. PhotoRec

Another great data recovery program for Mac users is PhotoRec. It has powerful file recovery capabilities, based on text, allow it to recover data from a wide range of digital camera memories, traditional hard drives, and more. PhotoRec supports over 480 file extensions and 300 file families. Although it’s not the fastest, it’s one of the most versatile data recovery tools on the market. This program is free for everyone to use and works with any major operating system.

For this software, the UI is obtuse making it difficult to navigate through it. It is able to recover your deleted files in a wide range of situations, including crashed or unbootable systems. Its user interface is intuitive and straightforward. Its three-step data recovery process is simple and straightforward. First, select the partition where the lost files are located. Next, select the files you want to recover. Once you’ve chosen the right partition, you can preview them in the tool.

  1. MiniTool Power Data Recovery

If you’re looking for a tool that can retrieve deleted files, MiniTool Power Data Recovery may be an option for you. This program offers comparable features to its competitors, and competitive rates. However, it lacks some important features that make it a superior choice for those who want to recover deleted files in minutes. 

To download the free trial edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery, visit its official site and follow the instructions to install the software. Once installed, the program will open a window where you can choose the drive from which to recover deleted files. Select the drive you want to recover and let the program scan it. Once you have selected a drive, you’ll be able to view all the files it can recover.

  1. TestDisk

Testdisk can get back deleted files in a short time. It is simple to use and comes in a lightweight package. It has no complications with installation, and the program can be installed in the task manager tray or at startup. Once installed, it will start recovering lost files instantly. This program is available for both Mac and Windows computers, and works on virtually any storage device. Disk Drill supports over 400 file formats and is compatible with most file systems. This freeware application can restore lost files and folders. 

Final thoughts

Here above are the best 4 data recovery tools to help you get back lost files or deleted files in minutes. To recover deleted files from windows 10, recycle bin, even exteral devices, iTop Data Recovery will be your best choice to get all lost files and data.