Fashion designing is a professional discipline that gives a podium to express your creativity through design of breathtaking apparels & accessories including jewellery, footwear and handbags etc. using your visualization & conceptualization skills. A Fashion designer is involved with the entire process, right from inception to its final release in the market including designing appropriate concepts, identifying & incorporating the right material, right fabric in appropriate colours, textures & patterns etc. to prototyping the design so as to access the throw of cloth and the finish it offers and then he collaborates with varied departments not only for its final production, but also for merchandising and marketing to ensure the success and profitability. He needs to research and keep himself abreast with modern fashion trends, consumer preference & their tastes, socio-cultural trends, economic scenario, market condition, new production techniques, materials available etc. He also investigates incase the collection doesn’t generate the expected results so as ensure the desired results in subsequent collection. 

Reasons for enrolling into fashion designing course: 

  • Creative Satisfaction & Glamour: Fashion Designing offers creative contentment when you watch people appreciating as well as wearing clothes & accessories designed by you. Furthermore, Fashion Designers move in the circle of highly successful professionals as well as celebrities & glamourous fashion models, not only interacting with them but also dressing them up. You also help writers as well as directors in performing arts to bring alive their visualization as well as characters.
  • Immense potential: Fashion Industry has a huge growth potential, offering enormous job and business opportunities:  
  • Indian domestic textile and apparel market, by the year 2025-26, is expected to rise to US$ 190 billion from US$75 billion in 2020-21 growing at a CAGR of 10%.. 
  • Being the 5th largest exporter of textiles and apparel in the world, Indian exports accounted for US$ 36.4 billion in 2019. However, these exports, by 2025-26, are expected to rise to US $65 billion. 
  • India’s textiles and apparel imports accounted for US$ 5.6 billion in 2020-21 and is predicted to rise to US$ 15.2 billion by 2025-26. 
  • Range of job opportunities: Fashion Designing courses offers knowledge that is multi-disciplinary and can lead to umpteen opportunities. Few of the career profiles are listed as under:   
  • Fashion Designer 
  • Textile Designer 
  • Retail Buyer
  • Stylist
  • Writer/blogger
  • Merchandiser
  • Retail Manager
  • Clothing/Textile  technologist
  • Jewellery Designer
  • Footwear Designer
  • Handbag designer 

Fashion Design Courses:

Before enrolling into fashion designing course, students must make the following deliberations: 

  • College at multiple locations offering varied courses to augment student’s knowledge and their business: While selecting the college, you must not only ensure the presence of campuses at multiple locations across the country, but also that it must provide courses in diverse areas so as to offer supplementary courses to enhance his competencies in his field of work, thus increasing his employability & success. 
  • Scholarships: In order to inspire students to give their best so as to accomplish their goals, the ideal college must offer not one or two but scholarships to hundred meritorious students.
  • Platform to students: A podium must be offered by the college to students so that they can showcase not only their talent but also their vision as well as brilliance to stakeholders and prospective employers -like organising of fashion shows or participation in various competitions etc. This will facilitate students to not only hone their skills & receive guidance from industry experts but  also confidence in their abilities 
  • Interaction with Industry stalwarts so as to offer students an exposure as well as perspective about the industry as well as professional & personal life.  
  • Awards & Rewards: Ideal College must have won accolades & multiple awards, for their efforts & excellence in nurturing talent. 
    • Excellence in creative arts: A non-governmental trade association and advocacy group based in India, FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry) recognised the college for “Excellence in creative arts” in 2021
    • In 2021, World Leadership Congress (WLC) in association with ET Now awarded the college as the “Best Design Institute in India“ 
    • World Design Organisation (WDO) must have accorded the college as Education partner
    • ASSOCHAM India has recognised & bestowed upon the college an award as “Best Design Institute in India (2016-21)”