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Many Brazilian Jiujitsu Belt level students are looking at advanced or intermediate training DVDs to help them improve their capabilities. Many DVDs go beyond the basic concepts and offer excellent methods to enhance the understanding and ideas of the blue belt’s activities. I’d suggest Marcello Monteiro’s The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue to Purple Curriculum DVD series as the first DVD collection to assist in moving beyond that stage known as HTML0.stage.

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It’s an exhaustive analysis of the techniques from the blue level to the purple groups of available methods. Similar to its predecessor, this series is focused on how to make use of top and bottom submits and escapes, takedowns, and submissions. Each DVD moves on to more sophisticated methods. A few topics covered are the control positions at lower levels and the top, shifts of sweeps, counters, and sets. A lot to learn about the De La Riva guard is well-studied, along with other concepts and strategies, such as open and half guards, the butterfly, and spider along with the X guard. The triple attack that includes side control, mount side control, and more sophisticated strategies and counters will increase the danger of your game.

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Mr. Monteiro’s meticulousness throughout the course is evident. This is a beautiful course to teach precise information that can assist you in improving your skills in the movements. It’s also easy to find and identify particular activities to repeat and assist you in focusing on the specific action you’re studying. The four DVDs will take you through a thorough analysis of the strategies and concepts you must know to master once you understand the topic.

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Here’s some background information on Monteiro. Monteiro. One notable Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor is Sergio Souza, who Marcello claims helped him develop the butterfly defense. One of the positions taught by Mr. Souza’s most favored position is the “De La Riva Guard. Another well-known instructor is Mr. Ricardo De La Riva, best known for his “De La Riva Guard,” and Mr. Ricardo Jucar, known across Brazil for his back and mount attacks. Ricardo. Jucar is the author of the first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu publication.