provides subbed and dubbed anime online at no cost. Browse through the vast selection of anime shows by selecting categories such as popular anime, new and genres. Each has a huge list that is regularly updated with new content. AnimeFreak, which is a superior alternative to KissAnime, offers all comparable administrations for new elements to shape it more effectively than others. It also has an attractive interface.

You can also access it from anywhere in the world by variant users. It offers the Manga title, which is a great way to enjoy manga series without any limitations. The website is completely free and has a friendly interface.

AnimeFreak offers core features such as a complex search bar, multiple categories and regular updates. It’s an excellent platform for anime fans.

How to download video from Animefreak

These are the steps to get video from

  1. First, start Jaksta Media Recorder to prepare for downloading from
  2. Next, ensure that the Stream Downloader Capture Method has been selected to capture ;
  3. Click the AUTO switch to turn on Auto Detection. This will monitor your network for media from
  4. Next, open your web browser and go to to play any video you may want to capture.
  5. The video streaming is detected and begins to download on your home screen.
  6. Double-tap the Video to Start the Download

Top 10 Alternatives to AnimeFreak

KissAnime has been referred to as the king of anime sites. It is used by many people around the globe to stream anime in unlimited quality. It has a vast selection of anime series, and it also reliably transfers them in every possible quality like YouTube (240p to 1080p).

KissAnime’s interface is simple and intuitive, attracting more viewers around the globe. It is similar to other streaming sites, and offers multiple genres such as Horror, Romance or Comedy, Fighting, War-based, adventure, Fighting, and Fighting. You can explore different genres or use the search options where you’d like to enter the title of your anime. allows you to dive deep into the amazing online entertainment world. You can stream anime series and movies in a high-quality, fast streaming format. The site gives you all the similar administrations for new components. The platform’s ultimate goal is to provide all the anime content that an avid fan would want.

To enjoy anime movies online, there is no registration or information required. However, you can subscribe to the site by using a verified email address if you would like to receive updates with new content. This platform offers an exciting and fun way to find all the latest anime series around the globe.


Horriblesubs, another anime streaming platform, is also new to the market. This is the best and most efficient option for internet users. It offers a huge collection of anime films and series hosted on third-party servers.

You can also watch and download anime series from the website. Horriblesubs has a wealth of movies and drawing-in content that you can access whenever you want, anywhere in the world.

Anime Planet

Anime-Planet allows you to stream anime from over 40,000 legal web-based videos. It is the first and most trusted recommendation system in the world. The list was created to help you make suggestions and to watch anime online.

It was the first site to offer a manga and anime recommendation database. The site was launched in 2001. This site will allow you to enjoy the best anime, manga, or anime characters.


Daisuki is an Anime Streaming Site that is owned by the Japanese anime production company. It is easy to use and provides all anime streaming. You only need to purchase the paid plan to access premium content. This allows you to enjoy premium series and indulge in them. has a user-friendly interface, which draws people from all over the globe. You can stream unlimited video without any limitations once you have purchased the paid plan.

You can also shop online for anime-related products. Daisuki includes core features such as multiple categories, unlimited streaming, fast browsing, various quality formats, the ability to use an app, regular updates with new content, and frequent update.


Are you looking for an anime streaming website? is the best choice for you. It may be a leading and free anime streaming site, especially for fans of anime series. A site that provides all sorts of anime-related content, including anime films and shows, scenes, new and so on, is simple and straightforward to use.

You can download many anime movies from the site and interact with your audience. Animeultima offers a sophisticated search option to quickly find your favorite films.

NarutoGet, the largest and most popular web site for anime fans worldwide, is the home of all the series. It also offers anime motion pictures, and manga. It will be available anywhere, anytime around the globe. The website’s ultimate goal is to provide an immersive platform that allows people to stream anime free of cost. This website has all of the original Naruto Shippuden to English-dubbed naruto, movies and manga collections.

NarutoGet was created because it offers more options than, but also has a better interface and a lot of new elements. It is similar to other anime streaming sites and includes multiple categories such as Naruto Shippuden (Boruto), Naruto Dubbed (Naruto Movies), and Naruto Dubbed (Naruto Dubbed). Each category has multiple options, which are updated daily to bring you the latest stuff. has a number of interesting features.

Anilinkz allows you to view every episode of any anime series. This huge database contains many different anime series. It is simple and easy to use, and does not require registration. You can search for your favorite items and enjoy unlimited streaming without any limitations.

Similar to other similar websites, it offers two options for searching your favorite stuff: explore categories or search bar, where you can type the name of the series. After finding your favorite item, you can click the play button to enjoy fast browsing without any limitations.

Animenova ranks among the best and most efficient places to find anime movies, anime series, or anime dramas. You can also find episodes of anime shows and cartoons on the website. You can also stream all the content on the website in high-quality dubbed versions. The website offers multiple options, including Naruto Manga, Anime Series and Dub Anime, Cartoon and Movie Lists.

You can also use the complicated search option to find your favorite titles. Simply place the title in the box and click the Go button. Animenova offers over 3000 titles. They also update regularly with new series to bring you more.


WatchAnimeMovie is a leading streaming site for anime. It offers all of the latest and most popular anime series at no cost. It offers fast streaming that appeals to more people around the globe. The sites offer a variety of series, including Comedy, Adventure, Romance and Horror. You can also find regular updates on the latest news in each genre. offers two options to help you find your favorite anime series. You can also explore categories and use a chase bar to enter the name of the anime you want. In case the anime title is not available, you can still submit your request via the website. It will deliver your favorite series within 24 hours. The platform is completely free to use and accessible from anywhere in the world.

Is it legal to be an anime freak?

You can choose from over 500 anime series that have been uploaded to their server, making it one of the easiest places to explore Anime. Anime Freak is the legal space for anime lovers. You can browse and stream all anime shows on your smartphone, tablet or computer at your own pace.