Tombs of Amascut, or Raids 3 as we like to refer to them, is among the most anticipated games for 2022 OSRS. To gain access to this game you must finish the quest. This will let you encounter new enemies as in acquiring valuable old and new items that you can convert to Gp. To get ready to prepare for Raids 3, you can finish Beneath Cursed Sands to gain access to a new zone within the Kharidian Desert. To ensure that you are equipped with the proper equipment to prepare for Raids 3, you will require a boost in your level of combat.

Jagex is dedicated listen to the players’ opinions and gathering feedback regarding the potential rewards in Tombs of Amascut. The comparison of rewards of different quests (Chambers of Xeric Theatre of Blood) is a key aspect. It is also possible to earn lots of GBP through other raids. You could also strike the jackpot when you grab one of the rarest and important drops which is that of the Twisted Bow or Scythe of Vitur. They’re estimated to be worth over a million dollars as well as half one million OSRS gold. Raids 3 is expected to have something similar to what they have. Although we’re unable to determine its GE cost at the moment but we can expect that it will be quite high.

Shadow of Tumeken

Shadow of Tumeken completes the set of range, melee, and magic BIS weapons. It is the next top in-slot magic weapon which will redefine and enhance Magic as a combat ability. For the ability to be used it is required to have 85 Magic. Additionally, it gives you a 35 Magic attack bonus. Additionally, you get a twenty Magic defense bonus without having any bonuses that are negative to Stab, Slash or Crush ranged attack, defense and the ranged attack. The game also comes with a bonus 1 prayer bonus, and the attack speed of five.

Jagex’s blog post clarifies that The Shadow of Tumeken will have unique effects like “when the Shadow of Tumeken has been equipped, Magic Strength from gear triples” (capped at 100 percent Strength of Magic). This remarkable Magic weapon will also double the Magic precision.

It is so potent it is only available to utilize it for PvM. It allows you to utilize the power of your Chaos or Soul Runes which you’ll require for charging it, and also to cast the spell. It is able to attack at the speed of 5 ticks. It’s also important to know that Magic precision isn’t effective in fighting foes like bosses, who aren’t particularly prone to Magic however, they have medium or high Magic resistance.

Your DPS is likely to be lower if to face a boss who isn’t susceptible to Magic rather than range or melee. It’s no longer the case thanks to the boosts Magic weapon provides. This makes Magic stronger against monsters and bosses such as:

  • TzKal-Zuk
  • Demonic gorillas
  • Commander Zilyana
  • Kree’Arra
  • Cerberus
  • Kalphite Queen (Flying).
  • Alchemical Hydra
  • K’ril Tsutsaroth

The Thread of Eldinis and the Breach of the Scarab

These are rewards that you cannot trade and will not find in any other place in the world other Raids 3. This item, the Thread of Elidinis is the most requested item. It allows you to expand the capacity of your Rune Pouch to hold four kinds of runes.

The Breach of the Scarab is another non-tradeable item you can get at Tombs of Amascut. The jewel is a way to enhance Keris Partisan. Keris Partisan reward you get from Beneath Cursed Sands to make it an effective weapon to fight desert bug.

Osmumten’s Fang

Osmunten’s Fang which is a melee weapon is distinct from the others due to its superior precision. According to the plan that the Fang will come with the ability to double roll. This is an addition to its statistics. The passive nature of the Fang is a great option to kill The Corporeal Beast to collect amazing loot, which includes some valued at over 1 billion OSRSGP. The Osmumten’s Fang can be helpful in fighting off other foes. It is possible to find an opportunity to make additional OSRS gold. Jagex offers high-value items that are tradeable with a rare drop rate, as well as extraordinary non-tradeable items with an acceptable drop probability. It’s an exciting experience!