Spotify have been doing their best with the information! The feature that tracks music in real time has been updated recently with the Today’s Top Fans highlight that lets you know the person who you are most devoted to is and what the most listened to music is.

The new feature is a slightly refreshed version of 2020’s Top One percent of Fans feature providing clients with more insight of the songs they’ve played most often and how long they’ve been tuning to, and, of course how much super fan you are based on your listening skills for the best artist.

According to the website the site, this feature “gives an authoritative strategy to show that you pay attention to these specialists more regularly than some other fan.” This does not show the length of time you’ve paid attention to the craftsman. This is a rough estimate of the frequency with which the tune of a craftsman’s master is leaking out on Spotify.

How to access the top of the list on Spotify today.

To track down the Top Fans include, you’ll need to go to It can be transferred onto your work space or on a portable. It is necessary to sign into the record in order for access to it.

Once you have signed in, you will be able to scroll across to view the information of your most played craftsman.

At that point, you’ll be able to discover:

The moment you began to pay the attention of your top craftsman, you noticed that he was interestingly

The best three main tracks by the top musician

The most well-known tune of the best craftsman in the world and the frequency with which it’s played.

The hours you squandered while watching your most important craftsman

Your last Top Fan rate.

It is also possible to study the music of other craftsmen that you’re generally excited about, and gather all the same information similar to the previous. If your listening skills are adequate for a craftsman however, you won’t be able to get the previous super fan rate.