Do you think painting with a paintbrush is still in trend?

Well, it is not because the world has changed and new technology has replaced the old traditional painting methods. Now, people look forward to painting prayers as an option.

Paint sprayers are the current obsession because they work fast and are easy to handle. They consist of different parts like a spraying pump, siphon hose, spraying gun, and a paint bucket.

With the help of a paint bucket, you collect the paint, and with the spraying gun, you spray the paint on any surface. Paint sprayers work like a magic because they do not take hours and hours to paint a wall unlike a paint roller or a brush.

When people use a paintbrush, they complain about hand aches and tiredness. But when they use a paint sprayer, they are all happy and ready to paint more than one wall.

There are a lot of spraying companies that provide high-quality paint sprayers. Some of them focus on the work performance of a paint sprayer and others on the speed and quality.

There are only one company Alltitanparts that never really disappoints whether it is the look, performance, or quality of the paint sprayer. They are at the top in all departments, and it makes them one of the topmost spraying companies in the market.

In this article, we will discuss the best sprayer of titan the Impact 440.

Titan Impact 440

It is an ideal paint sprayer that can be used for commercial applications. It is small in size, so you can also use it for property maintenance and residential projects.

Titan impact 440 is an electric paint sprayer that sprays a wide range of paints. It can spray both medium and low viscosity paints like lacquers, latex, enamels, and stains.

It is the number one selling paint sprayer because of its high-quality performance and speed. Here are some of its keys features that make it a special product

Features of Impact 440 

Titan impact 440 is a highly recommended paint sprayer because it can spray 50 to 100 gallons of paint per week. It makes them work efficiently and cover all the large projects.

  • Operating pressure

The maximum operating pressure of impact 440 is 3300 psi to 22.8 Mpa. This pressure helps impact 440 to spray paints of different viscosities with quite ease.

  • Specifications

Titan impact 440 comes with a tip size of 0.023 and a motor of 7/8 HP DCX. The maximum delivery of an impact 440 ranges from 0.54-to 2.05.

  • Electric pressure control

Titan impact 440 is an electric paint sprayer that comes with electronic pressure control. It is one of the super cool features that make it a perfect choice among the long list of other paint sprayers.

The electric pressure control helps you paint small surfaces along with huge walls. You can use the pressure control mechanism to paint difficult places and surfaces.

The pressure control system also helps you in the early cleanup process. You can increase your cleaning speed and flush all the extra paint through electronic pressure control.

  • Auto-oiler

Titan impact 440 consists of an auto-oiler that helps you fill the oil on its own. You don’t have to fill oil in your impact 440 because it can do it with the help of an auto-oiler system.

  • Quad-Packing

It is a self-adjusting paint sprayer that comes with a Quad and packing. It helps you compensate for the working mechanism and makes it a perfect paint sprayer in the market.

Performance of titan impact 440

People call it their go-to paint sprayer because of its performance and working speed. Titan impact 440 is different because it can handle every choir and can perform like a champ in all conditions.

It is a less problematic paint sprayer because it comes with pressure control and an auto-oiler system. When you paint with a titan 440, the cleanup process is easy, and it also comes with a full-size manifold filter.

When you use an impact 440, you don’t have to worry about its cylinder because it never wears.

So, there is no need for cylinder replacement as it works smoothly without getting damaged.

It is one of the best paint sprayers that you can buy for your large painting projects.