Garage doors with a wicket door are used to enter the room without opening the sash completely. For example, when you need to take something from the garage or work on it without freezing in winter.

Gate type

Most drivers, to protect their four-wheeled “friends” from the weather, build their own, hire builders or buy a built-in turnkey garage. Therefore, some drivers arrange to open the gates themselves and make doors between them. This type of intervention violates the established design, but it all depends on the type of gate used.

There are five types of them:

  • Swing
  • Retractable
  • Departmental
  • Rolling
  • Lifting and turning

It is known that any garage door is made according to standard metal drawings, although metal-plastic is now used occasionally. The main requirement for this type of design is complete and reliable protection against encroachment by outsiders. If you need any garage door repair santa monica ca, you can find any company near your home.

Then, vertical and horizontal elements are added to the garage doors for reinforcement, and the door is hung. In other types of products, it is pretty challenging to do, so we will not consider them.

Wicket garage door installation method

All conventional designs are made:

  • Channel
  • Frame from standard angles;
  • Thick rod, where 3 mm steel is used for sheathing
  • Pipe

Very few drivers think about the mass of future “masterpieces,” and problems with it often occur directly during installation. For example, a box made of one channel weighs much more. It is tough to make a door in such a situation.

In this case, installing a garage door requires cutting a piece of leather into it and reinforcing it with additional components, completely redesigning one side. It is advisable to keep an assistant so that you can work with this type of weight.

There are three types of door fittings in total:

  • At the edge of the sash – a popular and traditional option. Occurs at the confluence point of the locking gate.
  • In the middle of the sash. At the same time, the rigidity of the whole structure is almost not reduced, and it is easy to make individual constipation.
  • In the loop zone – a sporadic way. In this case, you can put coaxial loops.

Garage doors are distinguished not only by the placement but also by:

  • Open – external or internal;
  • How to strengthen the door frame – with or without cutting the gate material.

Some amateurs, not wanting to keep the threshold, cut the bottom pipe or corner, assemble an incomplete box (without the bottom material) and weld it to the cut. This dramatically reduces the strength of the whole structure.

In this case, garage door installation  requires cutting a piece of leather into it and reinforcing it with additional components,

Doors are under construction.

To implement this option, additional reinforcement elements need to be welded to the gate installation site – vertical and horizontal beams. To develop a plan for such gates, the missing elements, the door frame, and the gate itself need to be entered into their drawing. It is necessary to specify the plan when assembling the frame, weld vertically or horizontally, fix the door frame on them, and weld the hinges. Then you need to trim the gates and install them. After that, you need to assemble the door, mating across the part of the hinge, constipate it and hang it in place.

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