Have you heard about the malware spread through United Kingdom shortened links? Did you know that it was difficult to distinguish tinyurl.ru websites with masked addresses?

Did you know that tinyurl.ru is a different site from tinyurl.com. Are you aware of what malware might do to your device as well as your data? Let’s look at how BiturlRU Scam performed.

Tinyurl.ru Scam:

TinyURL is the title used by many websites. They followed it with the number. Tinyurl websites is a way to reduce long URLs. This makes them hard to utilize. Long URLs may make it difficult to incorporate them into messages or even use hyperlinks. TinyURL can to reduce the size of URLs that are included in messages. Tinyurl.ru is a fraud.

TinyURL hides the original URL, which is why scammers made use of it to gain advantage. To be eligible for the gift the users were required to do mini-tasks and complete questionnaires. The websites turned out to be an fake TinyurlRU scam.

Some messages were posted in social networks (Facebook, Whatsapp), etc. in order to attract users.

Features on Tinyurl.ru

Tinyurl.ru has an average score of 50% trust, 100 percent business ranking, and 1 suspicious website score of 1. Unfortunately, tinyurl.ru ranks 12 028 568 in Alexa.

Tinyurl.ru makes use of the HTTP protocol. This protocol, however, is not as secure. Its IP has an active SSL certification for the following 302 days. Every browser can’t trust its SSL certificate. Tinyurl.ru has been that was registered on the 16th of October, 2019. The country of registration and the owner’s details are not available.

Tinyurl.RU fraud malicious link is working?

Some scammers had intended to send out emails using malware-laden links. TinyURL disguises the malware links and targets different kinds of internet-based browsing devices, like Chrome, IExplorer and Firefox.

The malware was downloaded on multiple computers of users with different programs. The malware also altered addresses of.exe files, which made it difficult to start web browsers.

Protection from Malware:

  1. You must recover the address ‘.exe in order to access different web browsers.
  2. It is essential to clear all cookies from all Internet browsers
  3. To prevent Tinyurl.RU fraud Internet browsers should be restricted to access the camera and microphone.
  4. It is imperative to remove any the extension’s name and extensions from the browsers you use to access information that is not know about.
  5. All suspicious programs should be removed.
  6. Then, a virus scanner is required to be used.


Tinyurl.ru is a possible scam because the site can’t be accessible directly. Instead it directs users to rutor.org. It is a website that provides the most current films that can be imported. Furthermore, scammers send social media malware sites which were cut via tinyurl.ru and scammers.

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