World-class friendly with outstanding debts! Tigres could meet Bayern Munich again just like it did in the 2021 Club World Cup Final. They are also managing a friendly duel next Summer at the University Stadium.

The talks were confirmed by Knowledgeable Sources. It will take place around the week March 7, when the company handling the issue visits Sultana del Norte in order to view the logistics of the preparation meeting.

What we know about Tigres vs Bayern

Although the friendly is still ongoing, it is far more advanced than the initial stage. This would be the last game Bayern has in Mexico during their North American tour. It will take advantage of the good relations between the clubs and the rest of their activities here in the USA.

The duel will take place at the Volcano next Summer. It would also be sponsored by Adidasbrand, which sponsors both teams to replicate the 2021 Club World Cup Final win by the Germans.

Tigres is already working with the Munich team since 2021, the Bayern FC Youth Cup Mexico was held in Monterrey. The felines sponsored a team and also sponsored a squad.