After the friendly was originally planned for this summer between Tigers and Bayern Munich, both sides agreed to move it this year due to the Qatar World Cup 2020.

When will Tigres play Bayern Munich? Original date was postponed

Sources within the auriazul club confirmed that it would not be held every day in July because of the world Cupreduce calendar. They will be discussing rescheduling it.

It is not yet known when it might be realized, but the UAB group hopes that it will happen in 2023. This is due to the strong relationship between the two clubs following the 2021 Club World Cup.

FC Bayern Munich Youth Cup will be held. It will be held in Monterrey. Tigres will sponsor a team that will compete in the same manner as in 2021.

After the Club World Cup interventions, the talks have been ongoing since last year. Although the Bavarian team visited the meeting to view the logistics, it is now that they must wait for a game on the volcanic.

tiger games

The felines will continue their commitments to Mexican soccer until the friendly match between Tigres & Bayern Munich is played. We will then leave you with the missing ones from Miguel Herrera’s Clausura 2022 Calendar Regular Phase.

  • April 07 against Pachuca
  • April 10 against Queretaro
  • April 16 against Toluca
  • April 19 vs. Necaxa
  • April 23 against America
  • April 30 against Atlas