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Where did Massie serve before joining Congress?

After being the Lewis County Chief Judge, Thomas Massie was elected to Congress in November 2012. He is the representative of Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District of Kentucky that covers Northern Kentucky and spans 280 miles along the Ohio River.

The District covers a significant area of the northeastern region of Kentucky and the Kentucky part of the Cincinnati metro area as well as Louisville’s Eastern suburbs have the most populated. From 2011 until 2012, Massie was Lewis County, Kentucky’s Judge-Executive until his election to Congress.

Who is Thomas Massie? Wiki?

Born on 13 January 1971. Thomas Harold Massie is a Republican Party politician in the U.S. In 2012, after defeating Bill Adkins in general and special elections the politician has been the Kentucky Representative’s 4th Congressional District in the U.S.

Massie along with his wife the high school crush Rhonda and their four children reside on a cattle ranch in Kentucky. He is grateful to be able to serve the citizens in the Kentucky’s 4th District.

Massie is classified as Libertarian Republican as well as one of the Tea Party Republican House Liberty Caucus member.

Thomas Massie Wiki also managed an entrepreneur-in-residence in Massachusetts in the state where he studied at his studies at MIT as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

What was the first existence of Thomas Massie?

Thomas Massie was born in the West Virginia town of Huntington and was was raised within Vanceburg, Kentucky.

Massie got married to his bride Rhonda during his time at the Vanceburg’s Lewis County High School, and his father was the beer wholesaler.

Massie completed her studies at MIT The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with an undergraduate diploma in electrical engineering, and an advanced master’s degree of mechanical engineering.

What groups were the committees that Thomas Massie work for?

Thomas Massie Wiki is a member of the House Judiciary Committee in Congress and a House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure member.

Aviation, maritime, waterborne rails bridges, mass transit and roads transit all fall under the jurisdiction under the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

The Judiciary Committee is also in charge of the laws that affect firearms, civil rights, intellectual property, industrial hemp and other matters that Massie was able to get Congress to tackle.

Thomas the team achieved numerous world records during that time that included straight-away speed that exceeded 70 mph 112 km/hour and lap speeds of more than 100 km/hour.


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It is believed that the Republican Party politician, Thomas Massie was also a part of the MIT Solar Car Club, which placed 2nd at the Electric and Solar 500 at the Phoenix International Raceway in 1991 after the Swiss team. Leave your comments in the comments section at the bottom.