Juana Ahumada lives in Guadalajara, Mexico and started working at age 15 to help her mother pay bills. She had no training, but the owner of the salon she worked at told her she had talent and offered to help train her. Eventually Juana decided to move to the United States to pursue a career in nails, because there were fewer qualified professionals and more opportunities available here than in Mexico. 먹튀검증

Start With Gel Polish

In recent years, popular brands such as OPI and Essie have introduced gel polish collections. Unlike traditional nail polishes that must be dried under UV lights, gel polish is cured under an LED lamp. This process gives gel polish a much smoother finish, making it look almost like acrylics or enamel. Despite these improvements, there are still a few things you should know before adding gel manicure to your weekly beauty routine

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Take Care of Your Cuticles

Overgrown cuticles look ragged and could lead to infection. When you’re in a hurry, it’s tempting to push them back, but don’t—you can damage your nail bed and cause an ingrown nail. Trim them using clippers or an emery board and apply cuticle oil daily for smoother nails. Or, if you want advice from Juana Ahumada herself, check out her special manicure kit!

Be Bold

Ouji fashion is back in style, but there are many misconceptions about it. Ouji, which means ‘high priestess,’ is not just for women. Ouji fashion is for everyone, and anyone can wear it if they dare to be bold. That’s what Juana Ahumada does.

Add Accessories

Always make sure your nails are clean and healthy before applying nail polish. Use a quality base coat and top coat to prevent chipping, add shine, and protect against damage. When it comes to nail art, use caution. No matter how careful you are with these tips, they can be damaging if done improperly or by a beginner in nail art design! Remember: Less is more when it comes to ouji fashion!

Glamorous Manicures For Work

Office manis are where it’s at. Looking good at work helps you feel confident and perform better. Here are some tips for doing your nails during work hours.

Choose Colors That Pop!

It’s no secret that choosing your nail polish color can mean a lot more than matching your outfit for an evening out. Studies have shown that matching nail color to your mood can actually make you feel happier or calm, depending on whether you choose a vibrant hue or a natural tone.

Keep it Simple But Trendy For A Day Look

While you may not want to commit to acrylic nails long-term, try them out for a day of running errands or grocery shopping. If your everyday schedule doesn’t include dressing up for work or events that evening, there’s no harm in opting for short-term fingernail coverage. Go with simple but trendy color; choose from glossier shades like red, pink and white rather than pastels and shine-revealing pinks.

Get Creative With Stripes

Stripes are everywhere—they’re in your clothes, your hair, even your accessories. They’re also a great way to add a pop of color to nails! (Stripes look especially good with black and white.) And when it comes to stripes on nails, it seems there are no rules; they can be diagonal or horizontal—whatever makes you happy! If you like abstract designs or graphic art, use striping tape or striping polish for an interesting effect.

Coral Colored Nails Are So In Right Now, Try Them Out!

If you’re looking for a new nail design that is both fun and super trendy, coral colored nails are right up your alley. Fashionable stars like Kate Hudson and Demi Lovato have been rocking these designs all season long, so it’s time to try out something new! To achieve a coral nail look at home, it’s important to use several shades of color.

Mix And Match Colors For An Edgy Look

While you could use your favorite shade from head to toe, mixing and matching different nail polish colors is an excellent way to achieve a unique look. It’s also a great way to play around with color without committing. Choose two or three shades that work well together, then paint alternating nails of each different color. If you’re feeling daring, mix it up even more by using one color as an accent nail!