Printers use a unique language. If there’s something wrong with the printer, they won’t just tell you what’s wrong. Instead, they’ll give you an unsettling sequence of numbers that’s mixed up and expect you to understand what it means. It’s a shame! We’re here to provide you with the answer to all your problems concerning HP printers. If are using a different printer than Canon and are looking for an answer for the Canon printer, then go to the various Canon printer error codes for the solution.

An extensive HP printer Error Code list!

No matter what kind or model of HP device or printer you have, you’ll be able to find the simple steps to fix every issue listed below. Most issues are the consequence of the troubleshooting procedure in order to get your printer or device working and we’ve put them all together to make it easier for you to understand and let you get back to printing. Let’s take on the criminals who are putting your files in a bind and making your computer appear blue.

HP Error Code 49, also known as HP Error Code 49.4 c02

Let’s get started with a standard one however it’s somewhat naughty. It’s called HP printing error 49.4c02 is usually a signal that your printer is in a loop, telling you that you must turn it off and switch it back on only to discover that the error keeps coming up. What is the best way to resolve the issue? In most cases, it’ll show up in the form of an HP Officejet 4630 error code due to a malfunction in the queue of printers and you need to clean it. If you’re worried about losing your printing jobs , you could save them prior to cleaning the queue. In any case, this can resolve the problem. HP Printer error message 49.4 C02 most times.

If it’s not, then that your printer is in need of an firmware update. That implies you’ll need to visit the HP downloads section to download the latest firmware for your HP Printer model. After that, restart the printer. If you’re still experiencing this Error Code 49.4c02 from HP, you’ve failed to fix it Error Code 49.4c02 using this method it means that one of the components of the printer’s hardware has failed and requires to be replaced. (or perhaps the printer itself if you’d like)

HP Smart Test Error Code 3303

This is a grave error to commit. Why? Because some issues are fixable using a simple remedy and are usually connected to printers however HP 303 is a different story. HP 303 error code signifies that the hard drive is experiencing issues in some manner. The positive side is that the error isn’t an printer issue, but rather an issue related to the drive of your personal computer. The downside is that you’ll have to replace the drive, and we recommend that you backup all your data that is stored there as quickly as possible before it gets worse and buy a new drive.

HP Recovery Manager Failure Error: FFFFFF15 also known as HP Error Code: 0xe0ef0003.

You’ve saved your data using HP Recovery Manager. You’ve saved your files using HP Recovery Manager and are having the FFFFFF 15 error. This could be an indication that either your hard drive isn’t able to allow the restoration of back-up files or that you are having issues with the hard disk in your PC.

First, you need clearing some gigabytes from your drive. After that then change to safe mode. Restart your computer and determine whether you’re still receiving an error. If it is, you can open the Command Prompt, type Chkdsk /f, and then hit Enter and reboot your system. This will test the quality of the hard drive is.

If you’re unable to resolve the issue it could be due to there was a mistake at the time that you switched your operating system up to Windows 7/8/10. You’re in a secluded situation and the previous Recovery is likely to be ineffective. Some call this “the HP Envy Error Code that indicates that the user was not happy with the software offered by the manufacturer and thought they could enhance the experience of their customers by making changes (or upgrading).


Printing in the present is largely from necessity. There is no need for many printed items in order to use the printing services offered by printing, but it is essential to be in a position to utilize the printer in any moment. There are instances that your printer might not perform as it should, and this could result in a great deal of stress in your daily life. Printer issues can be a source of trouble. It’s worth taking a look in case you’ve had issues on your machine and are trying to solve it.