For hair protection and hair care, produced by mixture of ancient herbs. Keshamrit 7 effect is produced by mixing 7 special herbs and has used aayurvedic formula. With the ingredients-Emblic (Amla), Rittha, Sikakai, Honeyed. Making your hair strong and beautiful.

Reason of hair fall

Hair fall (50 to 100) is not a great issue because it is natural phenomena. Every hair has their own life span and after its life span it fall away. New hair starts to grow after the hair fall. There is lots of reason of hair fall such as dandruff, dust, digestion problem, pregnancy, mental pressure, hormonal problems, genetic problem etc. Hair fall can be stopped easily but the hair fall because of genetic and mental pressure is cure only by using keshamrit for long term.


Birth and dead process of million cells take place every day. Our body excretes those cells from different medium and pores are the best way of excretion. Excretion of dead cells is not recognized in other body parts but these dead cells are not excreted from hair pores because of hair and they became bunch of dead cells. That bunch of dead cells is known as dandruff. Because of these dandruffs other disease are evolve such as itching and skin disease.

Direction for use:-

Dissolve the shampoo in water apply it to the root of hair. At first there will be less foam but at second time lots of foam will appear. Massage with shampoo for 5 minute then wash your hair. It will take time to get the result for people who have used chemical mixed shampoo. Even it take long time for some people but it give result because of natural aayurvedic formula. It grows equal amount of hair that fall apart. For better result use keshamrit shampoo for long period of time.

7 Effects:-

Different herbal product which are used from thousand years for the safety of the hair that herbal product are used to manufacture with herbal formula for Keshamrit shampoo with 7 effect.

  • It gives nutrition to the root of hair
  • Give strength naturally
  • Stop hairfall
  • Stop dandruff
  • Healthy and silky hair
  • Natural long and strong hair
  • Makes hair natural and beautiful.

Note: – For better result massage hair with keshamrit hair oil before bath or you can use that hair oil as hair serum after bath.


  • Emblic (Amla)
  • Rittha
  • Sikakai
  • Honey