The best years of your life are your teenage years. This is the most joyful time in your life. You are full of optimism, perky, and free from stress. You love to laugh, play games with your friends, and take part in social events. You will also love to experiment with makeup. It is time to have fun, my dear girls. It is not the time to put on heavy makeup on your innocent faces. In my teens, I preferred a simple look. In my teens, there were no beauty blogs, makeup gurus, or YouTube videos. I followed my schoolmates who were just as innocent as me.

It is now an internet age. You have a lot of beauty tips and makeup to share. My makeup bag was small in my teens. In my teens, I was a big fan of lip gloss and mascara. I made sure I had high-quality mascaras in custom boxes. I still enjoy applying it.

You are here because you want a decent outlook for a teen girl. These are the simplest makeup tips every teen girl should know.

Simple Makeup Ideas for Teens

These are the easiest and most effective makeovers that school girls must do to look innocent and beautiful.

Everybody is different.

The first. Always remember that each face is unique and beautiful. Your skin, color, and skin tone is a gift from God. Don’t ever belittle yourself. Do not compare yourself to others. This is the most important thought to keep in mind when you purchase any makeup products. Every person is unique. Remember that everyone is different. Even siblings have different skin types.

Keep it simple

Remember the rule of thumb “Simple is beautiful” when it comes to makeup. For a teenage girl just starting out in makeup, remember that you must look natural and not artificial.

Cleanser to use before foundation cream

Keep in mind that teen skin is most likely to be acne-prone. Your skin could become more sensitive if you apply cream foundation to your face without washing it. It may prove difficult to control the acne. Before applying foundation to your face, it is recommended that you clean your skin with a high-quality cleanser.

Use concealer instead of foundation

Foundation is a bad idea for teens. Each skin tone is unique. Cream foundation can cause your skin to become too oily, or dry. Instead of applying makeup all over your face, it is better to use a high-quality concealer.

Use a good SPF moisturizer

To keep your skin moisturized and non-greasy, it is strongly recommended that you use an SPF moisturizer. SPF moisturizers protect your skin from harmful sunrays. You don’t have to worry about sun exposure.

Use Mascara on upper Lashes

Mascara is my favourite part of makeup. Mascara is my favorite part of makeup. It can make a big difference. Mascara is sufficient for teen girls. If you’re late to school, there is no reason to use eyeliner.

Lip gloss

Instead of using dark lipsticks, try lighter shades of lip gloss. Consider pinks, nudes, and even clear formulations. Tinted lip balms are another option. Tinted lip balms can be used to moisturize and add color to your lips. To give your lips a pink tint, you can apply lip balm to your cheeks. You are now ready to go anywhere you wish