Installing windows in your house can not only enhance the energy efficiency and insulation levels but also bring about an aesthetic transformation to the looks of your house. You can find several types of windows such as timber, aluminium, uPVC and composite, but uPVC is the most popular of all in the recent past. 

In uPVC again, coloured doors and windows are trending of late. The best of these colours doors and windows are manufactured using a kind of laminated foil to get the preferred colour. This foil is applied through a heat bonding process to create an incredibly durable, long-lasting and unbreakable finish. In this guide, we have put together a few points to help you get more information about coloured uPVC windows and doors so that you can make the right choice. 

Choosing Coloured uPVC Doors and Windows

The option to personalize the colour of door or window frames is a boon for several homeowners as its gives them a lot of space for creativity. However, some of them find it difficult to choose the right colour out of the innumerable options available. A few people prefer a subtle hue to match the existing architecture, while others look for more of a bold statement choice. 

Coloured uPVC door and window frames can give a unique sense of elegance to your home, which is a good way to express your personality. If you are in a situation to sell your house in future, neutral shades are a safer choice, while a few colours may not appeal much to the masses. Some of the safe options for neutral colours are white, beige, cream and grey. 

To make things simpler for home owners, here’s a list of the trending colours in the category of uPVC doors and windows:

1.Chestnut Brown

This shade of uPVC doors and windows gives your house the look of chestnut wood. The reason for the heavy demand for this hue is that most of the wooden trims in houses are in this shade. The other popular shades of brown include chocolate, nut brown and mahogany. 

2. Grey

Grey is a prevalent colour choice for uPVC doors and windows. While light grey gives a subtle look and suits understated houses, dark grey is a classy shade that suits both old and modern brick and stone houses. 

3. Pure White

White is also a trending choice of colour even though uPVC is usually white in its raw state. This is an ideal choice for homeowners who don’t wish to modify the outward look of their abode, but prefer to just refresh the looks of their windows. 

Apart from these, the other popular hues are the primary blue, green and red colours. Green is used for painting home garages, while red is used for highlighting certain doors or windows on the premises. Pastel shades of blue are in demand for windows. Jet black is another shade that looks great when used in uPVC windows and doors of houses built from sandstone, Yorkshire stone and other such lighter stones. 

Coloured uPVC Doors and Windows: Cost

The cost of coloured uPVC doors and windows depends on the colour you choose and whether you need the chosen colour to be added both on the outside and inside. Typically, uPVC door and window manufacturers categorise the available colour choices into various categories. A few examples of these categories are standard colours, non-standard colours and bespoke metallic colours. The cost depends on the bracket that the chosen door or window unit belongs to as per the manufacturer’s classification. Standard colours are the cheapest of all. 

When it comes to selecting windows, most people automatically consider white, but some homeowners prefer to look at other choices. You can find several beautiful colour options for uPVC windows and doors from a colour that extrudes natural woodgrain finish to dual colours that can keep up with your existing architecture (i.e., a different shade on the exterior and white on the interior). Once you have invested in uPVC door and windows from a reputed manufacturer, you don’t have to worry about peeling, flaking or fading as the colours come with heavily durable coating that gives a rich appearance for several years.