In the last week PrimeXBT launched its brand new iOS application, which gives access to all of trading and investing tools. This prompted discussions among traders regarding what other apps can compete with the many options available all under one roof.

We’ve made an extensive list of the top apps for traders and investors that are available on iOS devices. They provide benefit to the entire trading community with a variety of reasons. We’ll also explain why we’ve picked each one beginning with the latest app’s launch, which inspired us to come up with this list.


We placed PrimeXBT as the first on the list, but not only due to the catalyst which prompted us to put together the list on this page, but also since it was is just launching. We’re launching with it because we’re just awed by the variety of features offered by the one account. The tools for charting are extensive as well as bank-grade security. It also offers short and long positions in commodities, foreign exchange indexes, stocks, crypto, and so on.

The latest update for the application allows complete access to Covesting Copy Trading module that allows users to replicate the trades of strategists who have shown success on fully transparent leaderboards. Users can also track their portfolio, positions, deposit and withdrawals, purchase Bitcoin and most importantly, trade using sophisticated trading tools.


While it is true that the PrimeXBT margin trade Bitcoin exchange has built-in charting toolsfor traders, the TradingView application provides access to the whole experience and a community of traders who discuss their ideas on what they think that the market is going to do in the future.

The tools available allow traders and investors to know when to invest in or take a long and when to short or sell. In addition to the most popular indicators for trading and oscillators, exclusive for TradingView the pine script editor that lets users design their own customized tools. Accounts with more advanced features are obviously subscription-based, however the free tools offered can be used to complete the task.


Acorn is less about trading , and focused on investing into assets and doing it in a gradual manner, starting with 3 or 5 dollars per month. Acorn plays with the notion of people “squirreling off” money, similar to how the tiny animal with a long tail that stores acorns to be stored for later use.

The app lets users take a small amount of their pay and also provides tools to families to build their nest. Acorn is used by millions of people every day and is supported by reliable investors like Blackrock as well as CNBC.


Stash is another investment application similar to Acorn however, it has additional unique features that merit its place on this list as well. Stash also grants access to an “stock-back” card that provides users with stocks for purchases on daily items such as groceries.

Stash offers investment and banking services that aren’t available by the other companies listed here. The account is more designed to save money, rather than creating it, and those who are more adamant in their profits goals must look elsewhere.


Robinhood is one of the most obvious when it is about iOS apps that must be included on the list, even though they also carry some fame. Robinhood is the place where stock traders who are memes and Dogecoin fans tend to create the most buzz.

The company recently found itself caught in the crosshairs over the suspension of GME shares because of regulatory pressure. The issue threw doubt on trust among customers, but it hasn’t affected their business in any way. With their latest step, Robinhood seeks to launch self-custody crypto wallets to allow customers can own assets and then transfer them off of the platform. This feature is not available is currently a problem for Robinhood among the crypto crowd.


MarketWatch can be described as an iOS application that gives users an easy way to access the media’s news reports along with market news reports. MarketWatch practically always keeps its sights on markets around the world and the information it delivers can help warn traders away from sudden shifts in the direction of a trend, even before they show up as price chart.

News websites such as MarketWatch are essential to the process of the fundamental investment and trading because their news coverage, regardless of whether it’s politics or the weather itself, could be a significant influence on markets across the globe.

Ledger Live

Ledger Live is a must-have application for anyone who wants to manage their finances Ledger Live iOS app is an indispensable instrument to self-custody cryptocurrency assets. Storing money in the long run is advised through safe and secure hardware wallets which aren’t linked via the web. This helps keep thieves out of any asset.

Ledger Live is a wallet that Ledger Live app acts as an alternative to a cold storage wallet that can be used for virtually every cryptocurrency you can think of. It also tracks the value of the assets in real-time and is a crucial monitor of your portfolio. The main issue is that no one stores everything in cold storage therefore it’s unlikely to ever provide the most accurate way to assess the value of one’s assets.


We love Lolli. It’s on the list because it’s one of the very few iOS applications which can earn you Bitcoin without cost. The only caveat is that you need to buy products or items through one of the company’s numerous partners in order to qualify for BTC in return.

Rates go up to 20% for select partners. These include big brands such as Best Buy, Macy’s, GameStop as well as a host of others. The iOS allows users to access a treasure chest to receive daily stacks of BTC for free. BTC that can give users as much as $100 in random.


Each of these iOS applications could help people on their way to financial success. It was chosen so that each one offers distinct value and experience, to users. Users can even download them all simultaneously and discover something different and thrilling on each one.

Certain platforms offer more of an all-in-one-shop, compared to others, and can help those who are confused about which apps to pick in making their final choice. It is because of their convenience that mobile phones like iPhones are so popular and so make sure you select an app that provides ease of use and features within the same way.