We all enjoy video games, aren’t we? This is why they are constantly in the news. As everyone rides the roller coaster ride of video games Why should Apple be left out? It’s an industry worth billions of dollars. To take advantage of the potential, Apple started a video-game subscription service known as Apple Arcade in 2019. It offers users unlimited access to a certain variety of video games to gamers.

It’s a fun and enjoyable service that allows you to enjoy video gaming for only $5 monthly. The games are no longer available on the App Store. This app store doesn’t have the most prestigious gaming, yet it’s great however. From games that are family-friendly to mind-blowing puzzles, and narrative-based adventures, there’s an array of games here. If your iPhone is brand new and you’re a new user, you can avail an entire three-month trial for free for Apple Arcade. The options available are enough to be confusing, that’s why we’ve compiled seven top games to play.

Best 7 Game on Apple Arcade

There are a lot of games available that are available on Apple Arcade However, we’ve picked the top games of diverse genres that should be available to downloads for all Apple users. Check out the entire list before you download the games. It is important to note this game is only for devices that support Apple devices by themselves.

1. Butter Royale The first game of Apple Arcade

If you think Fortnite is boring and out of date on iOS Try Butter Royale. It’s a shooting game where you have to remain the last player standing to take home the victory. This is the equivalent of an arcade classic. It’s fun for kids by using ketchup and popcorn to make bullets. It’s part of Arcade and is absolutely free. It’s not required to pay for naive in-app purchases.

2. Creaks

Creaks is our second pick for this list. It’s a game created by Amanita Design, which is well-known for its dark point-and-click titles. The company is trying to break away from its comfort zone, but still keeping the game’s dark feel and including puzzle elements in it. The game is set in a never-ending mansion , where you must control machines and battle monsters until you reach the final. The style of the game is stunningly drawn by hand.

3. Games of Thrones: Tale of Crows

If you’re an avid Game of Thrones fan, why would you want to miss the chance to play this game? Games of Thrones: Tale of Crows is our third choice on this list. The game isn’t an action or fantasy type game, and players don’t play much in this game. In this game, you must plan certain actions and watch how they unfold. It can be referred to as an exercise in management if you would like to. It’s not a game that is active however it is calming. In this game, you have to complete tasks such as sending rangers to in the area, helping other kingdoms and resolving problems of people. Play for a short time and then wait for an adventure to take place.

4. Grindstone

You can consider Grindstone among the top games available on the Apple Arcade. In this game, you can experience the combination between fantasy and match three game. The game is updated regularly featuring improved gameplay, obstacles, weapons and enemies to keep you entertained.

5. Reigns Beyond

If you are a fan of reading stories that are told in this Reign series is something you should be looking at. It’s focused on exploring the realm of fantasy. It functions like Tinder however instead of individuals you swipe left or left to take part in actions within the story. The Reign: Beyond is set in space, and you’re the captain of the spacecraft. You must manage your crew and take bookings for shows of your intergalactic group. It’s fun and funny.

6. Roundguard

If puzzles are your passion, Roundguard is the best game to play in the Apple Arcade. The game takes the traditional games of puzzle Peggle and puts it through an entirely new twist. It’s a mix of action and puzzle. The game blends the two elements , making it a truly addictive.

7. Skate City

The final game in the list below can be found in Skate City. Skate-related games have been in the spotlight since Subway Surfers became a rage. If you’ve never been playing Skate City, you are in the wrong place. The game features a side-scrolling perspective as well as swipe controls. With new strategies, challenges, and cities the game is enjoyable to play.

These are the top seven games that should be played by users of Apple Arcade as well as the other Apple device. These games offer a refreshing change from the standard games you’ve played a lot of times.