Nearly every business worldwide relies on technology and computers. There are many opportunities for those who have a passion in IT and computer science.

Here are 6 top computer science careers to give you an idea of the types of jobs available. There are many jobs out there that have not yet been invented but will be vital to the future digital world.

App Developer

You could be creating apps for many devices with a Master’s in Computer Science.

An app developer’s average annual salary is $91,000, so you can expect a high-quality life.

App developers will need to be proficient in programming, graphic design, user experience, and communication.

A decade ago, app developer was not a common job. Almost everyone uses apps or software in their professional and personal lives.

Apps you create must be compatible across all devices. This is why developers need to have a high level programming and coding skill.

As a freelancer or consultant, you could create apps for sales teams and marketing departments. You could also be a User Experience Specialist if you work for a company to make sure your apps are as good as possible before they go live.

App developers do not need additional training, but it is expected that they will keep up to date with the latest trends and tools.

Cybersecurity Analyst

There have been serious cyberattacks against some of the most important companies in the world over the past few years. Cybersecurity analysts are needed to make sure that hackers are stopped or damage is minimized. Hackers are more likely to target small businesses than larger ones.

You will need to have critical thinking skills to be able to make informed decisions and find practical solutions in cybersecurity analytics.

Security analysts can earn up to $122,000. However, this is a high-paying job that comes with great responsibility. You will need to be able create disaster recovery plan, research cybersecurity trends, and make predictions about possible threats.

Your company’s online security will be your responsibility. This is a high-pressure job. This role requires a lot of attention and speed.

Database Administrator

A database administrator can earn an average salary of $89,000. However, you might need to be trained further.

Trend prediction, analytics and problem solving are key skills required for this role. You will also need to have critical thinking skills, as with all careers in computer science.

The database administrator is responsible for protecting confidential information. This could be done via an on-premises server, or cloud computing.

Database administrator can be a rewarding career if you are interested in cybersecurity. There will also be pressure to ensure information security, even in an emergency.

You will be able to spot security weaknesses and understand how encryption works.

Although it may seem like a basic job, the role of database administrator will require extensive knowledge about security breaches. This is a great career that you can work up.

IT Project Manager/Consultant

Consulting may be a good option if you want to be your boss.

Good wages are available in IT consulting as almost every company could use an expert.

You’ll need to advise people on the best IT infrastructure. However, you will also need to be able design and install software, fix small issues, and teach employees about cybersecurity.

Although the job isn’t creative like a game or app programmer, it is lucrative and stable. It is possible to find a job that pays well and offers job security.

An IT consultant’s average salary is $88,000

Game Designer/Developer

Game design is a very popular career for computer science graduates. This job is a great way to express your creativity and make something that will last. Your work could be a reference point in pop culture.

To become a game developer you will need to have storytelling, graphic design and creative thinking skills. However, this does not mean that it is easy.

You will be responsible for developing and implementing new concepts to take customers on a consistent, bug-free journey. This role requires a love for storyboarding and computer science. This role will require extensive testing and trial to find out where problems occur and how they affect the customer experience.

Although an coding course for children is a great advantage, post-graduates can still learn the art and become game designers.

A game developer can earn an average salary of $65,000 depending on the role they play.

Web Developer

Every industry has a need for web developers. Web developers can work as freelancers for startups looking to create their first website or for large corporations that manage and maintain their e-commerce platforms.

You will need to have more than programming experience in order to be a web developer. Websites are about how they look, and how they convert clicks to sales. You will also need knowledge about SEO, business acumen and user experience.

Websites are a tool that companies use to bring their brand to life. You’ll need to figure out how to make your site stand out from others. You’ll always have the opportunity to see the final product you helped create, which is an excellent and rewarding career.

The average salary of web developers in the US ranges from $78,000 to $78,000.

There are so many rewarding jobs and so much creativity, what profession should you choose? Whatever your chosen profession, you will play a major role in shaping the future.