Promoters suddenly had to work hard to keep sponsors helping them with funding. Many of the sponsors quickly dropped their support in fear of backlash from the so-called fans. No one knew how the supporters of many years would react to fakery. To the surprise of the sponsors and advertisers, it wasn’t long before Wrestling started becoming even more popular. In the 1950s, when televisions started becoming more popular professional Wrestling started to blow up. Now that people could sit at their replica belts and watch the action, more intriguing characters could be formed, and as the characters became more attractive, word of mouth had more and more viewers tuning in every week. The explosion hit in the 1980s when the big three started competing against one another.

At the time, the World Wrestling Federation was the big one, with World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling falling close behind. While Extreme Championship Wrestling slowly fell out of grace, The W.W.F. (now called WWE World Wrestling Entertainment) and the W.C.W. traded back and forth to hold the number one spot. Finally, the time came when the WWE took over the number one spot and never looked back. These days professional Wrestling has become a billion-dollar business. The entertainment value is second to none, with new storylines wwe championship belts created every day. The stars are larger than life, while the wrestlers not willing to put in the work slowly disappear out of the locker rooms of the WWE. With Wrestling being a mixture of extreme athletics and great entertainment, many other doors have opened for many seasoned wrestlers.

Many of the top-notch stars of the WWE have moved on to build great careers in television and movies. Some of these superstars are Stone Cold Steve Austin, Roddy Piper, Hulk Hogan and perhaps the wrestler who made the most significant movie career has been The Rock. The stardom and great rising of Wrestling, even after so many years, shows no sign of ever deflating. It seems professional Wrestling is here to stay for a long time.

Whether one is a fan of classic wrestling matches, which can be seen in high school gymnasiums across the country during the championship belt season, or one is a fan of Raw and Smackdown, there is one thing in common with these types of Wrestling. They all got their start with the ancient Greeks. They began the wrestling sport, especially in Sparta, where the country was warrior and fighting based. It was looked upon as a combat technique that every male in Greece should be able to participate in, if not win. Wrestling made its first Olympic debut in 704 BC in the 18th Greek Olympiad games and has been popular. Because of this popularity, some specific holds have been used throughout the centuries during wrestling matches that either dominate replica wwe belts the opponent or force them into submission. One hold that will defeat an opponent is a clinch hold. This is when one wrestler controls the movement of the other while in a standing position.