Hello. I am the president of Gangnam Lingerie Shirt Room & Karaoke Shina. Before participating in the battle, we would like to give you an accurate, general description of the Gangnam Shirt Room, like a review that becomes blood and flesh from the customer’s point of view, instead of the obvious explanation.

First of all, I will start by explaining the shirt room, as there are many questions about shirt karaoke, such as what is the shirt room in related search terms such as shirt room or shirt room.

What is a shirt room?

In one sentence, the shirt room is an event that combines higher water quality than public establishments, a generous touch mind like grass, and a strong lover mode. Combined only with these advantages, it is continuing the trend of the current Gangnam floor.

Accurate shirt room water quality

As for the water quality, the relative explanation is easy to understand, so let’s go into the business comparison explanation. As those of you who have been to public establishments before, know that, as the water level is shallow, you will see some good sisters, who are part-timers who are college students-style. By the way!! The problem is that the mind is really like a part-time job. If you touch it a little, it tends to be subtracted, and if you do this, even the guests will get tired and think that they actually spent a lot of money.. But how about going to the pool or hard drive?? The size of the unnies, who only counted the water level and were generous in their minds, went to the Magic Mirror or saw Choice, is really not the answer.

The 강남 셔츠룸 can be said to be a popular entertainment item that complements this point. Although the quality of the water is higher than that of the public one, I think it would be accurate to say that there is a generous mind in the touch as the greetings are carried out inside.

Accurate shirt room level

In the shirt room, if the older sister is seated, there is a greeting time after a brief check-up. During the greeting time, you take off everything except bras and uniforms on your lap and put on only one shirt. From then on, you can reverse and kiss at any time except for the following (however, there is no finishing. However, the set level is only the water level, and it is the customer’s freedom under the agreement with the sister.)

What is Gangnam Shirt Room?

What is a shirt room?

The shirt room is a ‘shirt’ in the existing orthodox public room salon system, making the romance of a beautiful woman in a white shirt, that is, a man’s romance, a reality in front of your eyes that you can see and feel, not your imagination. Gangnam Karaoke and Gangnam Public System It refers to a new concept of public room culture that compensates for the shortcomings while maintaining the strengths of Gangnam Karaoke and Gangnam Public System so that guests can have a pleasant time from start to finish without boredom by adding event elements such as ‘room greeting’.

1. After entering the room, enjoy the free beer provided and make a girl’s choice according to your taste and leisurely.

2. Have a conversation with the unnies who have completed their choice while having a drink~

3. The “Greeting Show” of the sisters armed with the ultimate mind is in progress.

What is greeting here?

I get on the hyungs’ laps, take off all the panties, and then change into a white shirt.

In other words, while in the room, the touch is free because it is performed with no bra.

4. After greeting, you can play with a glass of wine and a glass of lips while tickling the breasts of the older sisters who only wear men’s romance no-bra shirts.