External recruiting is the process of actively searching for potential candidates outside of your company. It should be considered when you have exhausted all internal resources, or you could benefit greatly from hiring a new candidate. When you decide to conduct external human resource recruiting it is important to remember that a thorough pre-screening is a necessity. This will ensure that any new employee has a clean background and is who he says he is. Hiring someone with a sketchy past could cause you and your company problems in the future. It could also undermine the values of your business. Making sure that a candidate is being honest about his past will ensure that you don’t experience any problems later on in the future. The extra time and effort required for external recruitment will pay off when you find the perfect candidate for the job. An external hire will not only bring along new ideas but will also be the most qualified and experienced person for the job.

Hiring from outside your company’s network offers benefits and risks, both of which you need to take into consideration before deciding on an external recruit. The advantages and disadvantages of external recruitment hire will bring a fresh approach to your business, giving you and your company the added advantage of new ideas and resources. Hiring from within carries the risk of already having a person within your network that could do this job better than the external candidate. The extra effort required for an external hire will be worthwhile when you find the perfect person for the job.

When you’re trying to get a customer who is hesitant to trust you, always make the relationship seem bigger. For the Kim family in the parasite oscar winning movie, that came in the form of schemes and scams. When Da-mi (Han Ji-min) was hired as a live-in housekeeper by Madam Park (Suh Jung), she didn’t know what she was getting into, but she did it anyway because it seemed easy money. The next thing we know, she’s being wired into all the frauds that could possibly exist, from killing her parents to selling them to an organ harvester, and even marrying Yoon Je-moon (Cho Jin-woong) to get her hands on his company.

AuthBridge has over 28 years of experience, helping companies to protect and manage their employees’ identities. As we watched the Oscar winning movie, we couldn’t help but recognise the struggles that the fictional Kim family faces. Readers need not have watched the movie to appreciate our analogy. Parasite is a story worth watching!

As employers, we rely on temporary workers if our business is unable to recruit from the local market. While it just seems like an extension of us hiring personnel from various other countries, this presents a tantalizing opportunity for fraudsters. Fraudsters will work hard to convince you that they have valuable skills and will work even harder to convince you that their employment history doesn’t exist.