The Azerbaijan visa requirements were changed in 2017 and it is also gone online.. Since then it has changed the whole game of processing the visa. The process of issuing the  Azerbaijan online visa has become much faster and quicker. It is essential to provide and meet all the Azerbaijan evisa requirements and the Azeri visa is provided just in time. The normal processing usually takes 3 days but on an urgent basis, it can be provided simply in a matter of 24 hours. 

You can get the Azeri visa simply in a matter of 24 hours provided all the documents to the visa authorities. The Visa authorities do provide all the information regarding the visa processing on their official website. It is better to read all the instructions before applying for the Azeri visa. The Azerbaijan visa requirements are now simple and fastest in their processing speed.

The documents required for an Azeri Visa:

The basics are required for the processing of the Azerbaijan tourist visa. You need to fulfill all the given requirements on the website. Follow them as the Visa authorities guide always try to guide you for smooth processing. The Azeri government is trying its best to make the process just too easy for the applicants. 

The Azerbaijan tourist visa has increased the number of tourists in the country. This also has increased the chances of more and more tourists coming to the country. The simple question may have arisen, Do I need a visa to Azerbaijan? The simple answer to this question is that you need the “evisa Azerbaijan” to visit the country.

The basic documents required for the Azeri visa are as follow:

A Passport of applicants:

A Passport of applicants is considered valid when there are at least 6 months remaining in the expiry of the passport. There is less time left than 6 months in the expiry of your passport, it is considered an expired passport. First, apply for the new passport then reapply for the visa, it is essential to provide a clear scan copy of the information page of the passport for getting an Azeri visa. Your passport is the most essential document for the Azeri Visa.

The information format:

All the information format should be according to the desired format. If you are not providing all the information according to the designated fields. Azerbaijan visa requirements also require all the information according to the assigned field of the Azeri visa. 

An Email ID:

Provide a valid and running email ID and it is essential as you may require to communicate with the visa authorities. All the discrepancies should be communicated and resolved by the online channel. It is essential to check if you are comfortable to access your email ID. Then provide it to the visa processing authorities.It is Azerbaijan visa requirements to provide a valid email ID. 


The Azeri Visa processing is fast and quick by the advent of the online visa. The Azerbaijan online visa is a great success for the applicants as it has made the whole process fast and quick.