Not to be outdone, the newspaper’s competitors also entered the streets and called for war.

In a short time, the opposition, at the time formed by the Democratic party, used the “news” of those newspapers to call the Republican government lazy.

The government, then, to give the impression of doing something, sent a warship to patrol the waters near Cuba.

The Spanish American War

The destruction of the ship Maine, in the port of Havana, during the Spanish-American war.

The ship then exploded and sank, killing 260 of its 350 occupants. The press and the opposition did not leave cheap and the United States declared war on Spain.

It was a quick war, less than 400 Americans died in combat, but two thousand contracted yellow fever and helped the disease spread through the Yankee barracks, where the nuisance killed another 1,500 young people.

Later, it was discovered that the ship’s boiler exploded because it had not been adjusted to the heat of the Caribbean waters. And that therefore the war started for no reason. We, the humans, when we want to know how to be of an odd irrationality .

In short, one of the soldiers who escaped the few

bullets and the great threat of yellow fever was George Samuel Clason , who resolved to discharge from the army and earn a living by writing and playing a small graphic and publishing company.

Focused first on road maps, came to Great Depression , he failed and went back into business, now making more common books and pamphlets.

The great Depression

Men wait in line for food on East 25th Street in New York, 1930.

In 1926 he presented a project for various banks and financiers : a series of speed-reading brochures, which were to teach financial education to their clients.

Banks put their brand on the cover, spin on noho stock chart and distribute them free to customers, and everyone wins. Many accepted, and the pamphlets with the fables invented by Clason were successful.

He immediately put them all together in one book, he called it ” Gold on the Right “, but in the other editions he changed it to ” The Richest Man in Babylon “.

The Richest Man in Babylon and the 5 Golden Rules of Wealth

90 years have passed, and what George wrote at the time is still valid today. At first glance, what he reveals in his little book are basic rules – and even.

But, in the same way, the alphabet is something very basic and with it all the works of Shakespeare, Machado de Assis, Fernando Pessoa, Ernest Hemingway and, since we are talking about money , JK Rowling, the consecrated author of the saga from Harry Potter.

Here are 5 golden rules of wealth outlined by George Samuel Clason that can make a difference in building your wealth:

1 – Gold comes willingly and in a growing quantity for every person who sets aside not less than a tenth of his earnings, in order to create a fund for himself and his family

Gold comes willingly