I was nearing 40 and finally manifested the right person to enter my life. He wanted to have a child of his own and I was ready to be pregnant again. Our first attempt lead to ectopic pregnancy, which is pregnancy in the tubes. After going through D&C, shots of chemotherapy – I ended up in emergency surgery for internal bleeding. I was now down to a single fallopian tube. The surgery was a traumatic experience as I was not prepared. When you are being rushed into surgery, you start to think of things that you have not thought of before like what if I die.

What is life all about?

Why do we each go through these challenges?

Being a mom is a feeling that made my heart feel like it was overflowing with love. I remember feeling like there was love just oozing out of each pore in my body as I looked in the eyes of my first daughter. At that point you understand what unconditional love is. I used to tear up at times from joy and happiness. I ended up being a single mom for close to 10 years before meeting my soul mate. The love I felt for my daughter help push me into things that I would not have if I had not had her dependent on me.

So here I was nearing 40, with the love of my life and my chances of conceiving was less than 13%! We spend the time and money to go through IVF testing to find out what our chances were. IVF is a great option for those who have trouble conceiving, especially if there are physical limitations.

Being an NLP coach and a spiritual explorer, I have always believed in trying and learning about techniques that are unique. I found a wonderful ‘Acupunturist’ who specialized in fertility problems for gift for pregnant daughter in law.

My first analysis with him lead to things that opened my eyes to a whole new world of accessing information from your body. Since then I have researched and developed many techniques that incorporate how anyone can utilize these signs to help themselves and fine tune their bodies.

Getting pregnant requires timing and bodies being in perfect health to allow for fertilization. I also believe there has to be spiritual energies that need to be in sync. For example, if you want a child but your spouse is not ready to have a child or does not want to have a child, this will interfere with energies. On the flip side, if you sit and visualize and talk about what having a child will bring into your life and discuss the love and excitement of what it will be like, it will exponentially increase your attraction factor. Matter is condensed energy and the more you focus your mental energies the faster you will manifest.


Visualization is our imagination and it is the greatest gift we have. You see, our body does not know whether we are actually seeing something or just visualizing it. There has been numerous tests that prove how our body reacts the same way to visualized images as it does for real images. So start to utilize the power to visualize the perfect healthy body waiting for your child, perfect memories with your child, how you will feel, what you will see, think, smell, taste…

Organic Foods

Make a commitment to energize your body naturally. We eat food that have no spiritual or natural energies. Start to eat all natural foods because they contain more than just natural vitamins and minerals, they contain energies that our body knows to utilize. Start to feed your mind and body in positive, natural ways to help you build the perfect state for you and your baby.

When I went to see my acupunturist, he told me to hold off on IVF and to allow him to treat me for three months. At that point, I felt like I didn’t have three months I could give up as I was getting older and older and IVF was going to take months just to get ready. But I decided to take try the treatments. My husband and my sister planned a special getaway in Florida for us to try. You see with one tube, I had no idea which side was ovulating. He booked a special night at a resort and we had champagne and talked about what it will be like to have our baby and enjoyed our night.

When I returned my acupuncturist immediately “tuned-me” up for implanting.

Two weeks later, I found out I gift for future daughter in law. Three weeks later I started to bleed. The emotional coaster I was about to go through had just started. My doctors sent me to get lab tests and sonograms. Sonograms did not show anything. My hormone levels were not increasing as expected. My short lived happiness was turning into fear of another surgery. I felt like I was doing something wrong but didn’t know what. What could I be doing that is causing it? There had to be something going on – or so I thought.

Most of us tend to blame ourselves when things do not work out. Part of it is true and part of it is not. If you think about how the universe works and how everyone is manifesting at all times, we are swimming in the sea of energies,