Thinking of what to do in the long weekend ahead? Here’s a good way to spend time with your batchmates. Book tickets on bus trips in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and you are guaranteed to have the time of your lives.

For a small-town American feel, a place like Bowling Green city should be on your bucket list. More so, if you want a weekend with friends and no toddlers to run after! Whether it’s the exciting brewery scene or the tourist attractions here, Bowling Green will keep you entertained the entire weekend through.

How to spend the long weekend in Bowling Green

Everyone who is traveling to the state of Kentucky would know how caves are a huge attraction here. Kentucky has thousands of caves like the Mammoth Cave National Park, one of the biggest cave systems in the world.

Can you imagine hiking or biking through 400 miles of passageways? How about camping with friends on river banks? All this is possible if you can bus tours here. These tour operators will take you to such exciting locations within half an hour.

You can cruise through an underground river at Lost River Cave? That’s the perfect place to be for adventure-seekers. And the cave obviously stays absolutely cool during peak summers. Did you know that during the 30s-50s, the Billboard called it the only air-conditioned nightclub around? This would be a fun ride for you and your friends once you are in Bowling Green.

What if you are traveling by car buffs? Bowling Green can be the perfect treat for Corvette fans. It is where the National Corvette Museum is located and boasts of the plant where Corvettes are made! All you have to do is go for a tour of this factory and catch a glimpse of the cars on display!

And for those who cannot wait to take that first sip of beer, there are plenty of choices. Bowling Green is popular for its home-grown breweries; the White Squirrel is where small-batch beers are made. Whether it’s seasonal brews like pumpkin ale or jalapeño Kolsch you can sip into whatever they are offering that day.

And along with the ale, you get to dig into some great American dishes with twists. So, you can get the typical PB&J sandwiches drizzled with pecan syrup. The other popular brewery is the Blue Holler, known for its craft beers. Bowling Green is home to a variety of eateries; you could try different ones every day or opt for local food trucks.

How to travel to Bowling Green

If you are planning a short trip to this part of Kentucky, check out “bus tours near me.” This will give you an idea of the various bus tour operators offering services here. Choose one after going through tourist feedback and testimonials.

Bus tours in Kentucky can be the best way to explore this beautiful state. If you can reliable bus tour operators here, you can be sure of traveling in complete luxury. They will take care of all your bookings and travel-related headaches. You can simply chill with your friends at some of the most picturesque locations in the state!

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