This article will provide information about Susan Roces Siblings as well as other insights on the entertainer.

Did you know there are over 170 dialects that the Filipinos speak? You heard it correctly. The Filipino film is the most popular source of divertissement for the Filipino public.

Reggie Lee and Fernando Poe Jr., Susan Roces, Lea Salonga and Nora Aunor are some of the most popular Filipino entertainers.

There has been some sad news about Susan Roces’ demise, also known as the “Sovereign of Philippines Films.” You can read this article on Susan Roces Siblings for more information.

What reason would she claim she is in the information for?

Susan Roces was a Filipino film star who was regarded as one of the most entertaining. Her versatility and acting skills earned her many awards. Grace Poe, Grace Roces’ daughter, declared her mother’s demise via online entertainment on the 20th of May 2022.

This Friday, she was 80 years old. According to the assertion, Susan Roces, a veteran entertainer, peacefully passed away on Friday night. The loved ones of the extraordinary entertainer are currently surrounding her. Rosemarie Sonora is the sister of Susan Roces, while Teresita Sonora is her cousin.

What is the Susan Roces Cause for Death?

At this time, we don’t know the details or the reason for Susan Roces’ death. Susan Roces’ death could have been due to regular causes as she was 80 years old.

Through her Facebook Page, Senator Grace Poe, her little girl who signed the declaration of her disapproval, reported the downfall of her entertainer.

We are still trying to discover the subtleties of her final ceremonies and burial. Their entertainment world had already praised the entertainer. Her generosity, excellence, and warmth will be her trademark. Keep checking this blog for more information about Susan Roces Siblings’ life, profession, and achievements.

Learn more about Susan Roces

Susan Roces is the most prominent Filipina woman to become a film star.

She has appeared in over 100 movies and was a part of many TV unscripted dramas.

After Ang Probinsyano featured the grandma of Cardo Dilisay, she was also well-known among young people.

Her real name was Jesusa Purificacion Sonora-Poe. She was also the widow of Ronald Allan Kelley Poe Jr., an entertainer who was multi-talented. Some are also interested in the Susan Roces Cause of Death.


We can conclude that Susan Roces, also known as the “Sovereign” of Philippines, was the greatest entertainer the Filipino entertainment industry ever had. Malina Bulletin says she is an amazing mother, little girl and grandmother, an authentic Filipina, and an irreplaceable asset.

For her outstanding work and dedication to the company, she will be remembered forever.

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