Even if you are aware of something about computers, and would like to swap your CPU or GPU to one that is new you might find it some time since you made the switch, however, technology has changed and a different strategy could lead to an item that will last for a bit longer. It is essential to ensure that the motherboard’s chipset is compatible. Ideally, purchase 32 GB of RAM. and an M.2 Solid State Drive NVMe and be sure your PSU is adequate for the job, good quality gold standard 750 watt water supply should suffice.


The most effective place to begin is to look at your budget because you could pay half of a year’s salary without blinking. After reading this article you’ll be able to take a look on the internet, search for CPU AMD, also known as CPU Intel and then locate local dealers who will give you an idea of what you’ll need to pay. The second-hand market is flourishing but it’s ideal, if you are able purchase new equipment so that you’ll have a solid warranty with the new equipment.

Graphics Card (GPU)

If you’re primarily creating your gaming system then the majority of your money should be spent towards the graphics card. Yes, you’ll probably spend significantly more on the GPU than the CPU. A card like the Galax Nvidia GTX 3060ti with 8GB one-click turbo is a great option, it’s the most cost-effective cards available and should result in you being capable of playing most games with a resolution of 2K and every game’s graphics settings cranked up to the max while keeping a minimum speed of around 80fps.

If you’re looking to ensure that your machine is ready for the future, then it’s worth taking it the possibility of seeing what new 4000 series has to offer, even though you could be the victim of one ear bent at the thought of how much the money that you’ve spent! However, so far, definitely in comparison to the 2000 series The 3000 series has been proving to be an excellent value for the money. If you contrast the 3060ti against the 2080 which was a monster that beat the 2080 almost in every game, yet you still find 2080’s being sold at a higher price which is quite remarkable.


It could rattle some cages, but basing it on actual gaming performance, whether it’s single core or multi-core performance, it is likely to make a huge amount of difference on which CPU you select. There are two choices: AMD as well as Intel and this will depend on your budget. However an option similar to an Intel 10700k (unlocked to allow overclocking) is a robust CPU and can easily beat five times the speed of 5Ghz turbo clocks as well as the AMD 3800x, which can raise the speed up to 4.5Ghz.

Both CPUs are equipped with 8 cores/16 threads, and should be good for quite a while If you want to, you can opt for a quad-core alternative as having more cores does not always provide better performance, however, the more cores will not mean lesser performance, and are always useful in programs that use more than four cores.