A few associations need more subnets. For instance, a little ISP requires 4000 subnets for its clients. Every client required an overflow of room in the host part to make their own subnets. The organization address has a default subnet cover of or/8 prefix. The/8 prefix intends that there are 24 host bits accessible to acquire.

To make subnets we should acquire bits from the host piece of the IP address from left to right with the most readily accessible host bit, we will get a solitary piece at a time until we arrive at the quantity of pieces important to make 4000 subnets. We really want to get 12 pieces to make 4096 subnets. In this way, for getting 12 pieces, we really want 8 pieces in the subsequent octet and an additional 4 pieces from the third octet to get.

The subsequent subnet veil for all sub-network convert from ( – 11111111.00000000.00000000.00000000) to ( – 11111111.11111111.11110000.00000000) or a/20 prefix.

The organization address of/8 organization is and the transmission address is (11111111.00000000.00000000.00000000). The subsequent subnets of getting 12 pieces making subnets from 115.00000000.000000000.000000000/20 to 10.11111111.11110000.000000000/20 ( to Each sub-network containing 2096 hosts. The Sub-network are beginning from 0 to 4095 (4096 sub-organizations). So the way in which we can observe the location scope of any sub-organization.?

There are various ways of observing the location scope of any sub-organization. Here we will observe the location range for any sub-network utilizing the sub-network number. There are five stages to observe the location ranges for any sub-network which is following

  • Convert the organization number into paired.
  • Place the paired digits into acquired pieces positions.
  • All bits in the host piece will be 0 in the host segment.

For the principal usable IP address, all bits in the host piece will be 0, aside from the most right piece which should be 1.

For the last usable IP address, all pieces will be 1’s with the exception of the furthest right piece, which should be 0.
All pieces ought to be changed to 1 in the host part of the transmission address.
Instances of observing the organization range for any subnetwork of the above notice/8 prefix organization

Model 1 – fined the location range for network number 1055

For observing organization number 1055’s location range, above all else, we expected to observe the twofold of 1055 which is 10000011111. It is 11 pieces and we have acquired 12 pieces, so we can add 0 at the furthest left side which is 010000011111.

In the wake of changing over 1055 into twofold spot the 12 pieces esteem into the spots of acquired pieces in the second and third octet. Presently observe the guidelines to observe the organization address, broadcast address, first and last usable IP addresses.

Model 2 – Let us fined the location range for network number 2040.

Model 3 – fined the location range for network number 2980.

Model 4 – fined the location range for network number 4025

Model 5 – Let Us fined the location data for last subnet 4095.

You can see that acquired pieces in the organization segment are greatest at this point. Since 4095 is the last sub-organization.