Every student faces a ton of academic writing and paper tasks in their life. It needs students to have many things, such as knowledge, research and problem-solving skills, and writing skills. Afterward, students have to take care of formatting and referencing issues. Thus, academic papers only sound easy to handle. However, many students underrate this task and cry later. Well, there is no doubt that mistakes are intolerable in academic writing. This article is all about the mistakes students make while writing an academic paper.
Making mistakes rarely is natural and totally okay. However, not learning from the mistakes and keeping making them, again and again, is ignorance. It will lead students to nowhere but regrets. Students commonly make mistakes in research, formatting, referencing, and writing style. In this blog, we will talk about some factors to help students know how they can tackle academic writing mistakes.

Top 5 Academic Writing Mistakes

It is normal to make mistakes, as we are not computers. However, ignoring our mistakes and repeating them forever makes us even less human. In the academic sector, there is no space for silly mistakes. Still, students often make some common mistakes in academic writing.
If you are a student getting poor remarks in your academic writing tasks, this blog can help you improve your performance. Know that the papers you write today, whether it is an essay or thesis, will affect your career. So it is better to write with precision today than face numerous issues in the future. Thus, here are the top five mistakes students make in academic writing that you should avoid.

Poor Research

The better you research, the more precise your work will get. Know that research is the backbone if you want to make your academic paper successful. Many students neglect the importance of research and put whatever they find into their academic papers. Later, they get poor remarks on their work. Some students even hire nursing dissertations based academic services to obtain high grades in writing tasks. Yet, if you do not want to be one of them, ensure to conduct proper research.
Insufficient research for your academic writing tasks can become a trouble. That is why every student should avoid poor research. Also, poor research is the major cause of false info and unclear idea about your topic. Besides, some students fail to research properly due to poor choice of resources. If this is your case, you can fix it by collecting data from authentic sources.

Long Sentences and Informal Tone

Students think writing long sentences will help them impress the readers. However, it affects their work in unusual ways. The majority of readers do not like reading wordy sentences. Also, it is hard to connect long sentences together. That is why most long sentences seem like disjointed paragraphs. Thus, remember that lengthy sentences will not help you secure good grades in your academic writing tasks. Instead, they will repel the readers from your work and make it effortless.
Moreover, it is very hard to teach the students that academic writing demands for formal tone. There is no need to show your humor or write casually. Most students fail to keep a formal tone in their academic writing tasks. Know that simplicity is the key to success in academic writing.

Structural and Referencing Mistakes

Your work has no worth if it does not follow the right academic writing and referencing style. No matter how hard you try to gather research materials. Many students complain they have done everything excellently in their academic writing tasks and still got poor remarks. Well, it most probably happens due to errors in structure and referencing.
You can understand your school’s guidelines over academic writing patterns such as MLA, APA, etc., anytime. Ask your supervisor or teacher about which pattern you should follow in your writing tasks. It is better to work on this factor a bit than to risk the work quality and grades.

Not Checking Plagiarism

If your work has clues of plagiarism, know that it is already a waste. Plagiarism is strictly unbearable in the academic world. No matter whether you write an essay or a thesis, plagiarism will lead you to failure. So it is vital to run a plagiarism checker on your academic tasks before submitting them.
Know that copy-pasting someone else’s work and changing it still holds the risk of plagiarism. Students think it can save them, and they can outplay plagiarism checkers by doing this. Sadly, it is not that easy, and students face suffering.

Avoiding Proofreading and Editing

Humans and their relation with mistakes are famous and common. Yet, what helps us find mistakes in our work is reviewing it. In the same way, proofreading and editing are the saviors of academic writing. Many students think their academic paper is perfect and error-free. However, it is extremely hard not to leave any errors in an academic writing task. Even expert writers need the support of proofreaders and editors to clean their work. Thus, you have to consider these factors while writing your academic tasks.
Every student should proofread and edit their work after ending the writing process. You cannot do these tasks while writing, as they require a fresh mind and focus. Multitasking cannot save you here.


The above five mistakes are common among students. Thus, you should avoid those mistakes as much as you can. Else, you would need to hire Affordable Dissertation Help UK based academic services to get expert guidance to impress your teachers with your writing tasks. Still, I suggest to work on your mistakes and learn whatever you can from them. They will help you in the long run. Hiring an academic help service will not make you any better student.
Besides, I hope the info you get from this post will help you write excellent academic write-ups. Also, know that you need some time to remove the above mistakes from your life. If you rush to improve your academic writing, you may get upsetting results. So be patient and slowly learn from your writing mistakes.