Often people ask, “Should I buy new or used Steinway piano? Though, I am a beginner, still how it’s worth buying a used piano?

This is the toughest question when you finally decide to spend money buying an instrument from any reputable brand. Pianos have a range of prices according to their category and use, like some are digital pianos within range of few hundred dollars, then comes high-level pianos for hundred thousands of dollars.

Not everyone has resources or enough budget to buy hundred thousand dollars or more, but how far to go is a choice. You take time to determine how it’s worth spending much.

You can buy either a new brand Steinway or Mason Hamlin & Mason Hamlin Piano, or you can buy a used one from any of these brands. Read More…

From an investment perspective, it makes more sense to buy a fine working piano rather than a cheap piano or an expansive one. Remember, price does not always correlate with the value. Thus, even if you consider a used piano from any reputable brand like Steinway, then trust me, it can be your best investment for a lifetime. It’s best for beginners and teens. Read More…

This insightful guide will cover how buying used Steinway piano could be worth it. In other words, we will highlight multiple reasons why buying a used Steinway piano can be beneficial for you. Let’s dive into the main content.

H1: Why Buying a Used Steinway Piano is Always Worth it?

For many people, it’s an honor to owe Steinways & Son’s piano. It not only makes a wiser investment, but also marks a legacy to leave for future generations. Those who want to enjoy the smooth sound and richness of a Steinway piano at a lower price, they must opt for buying a used piano.

Want to know why? Have a look at the following reasons;

  • Steinway pianos often hold their value over time so that you can sell them later for the same price or more.
  • Steinway pianos are made with high-quality materials, so you know you’re getting a good product. Steinway & Sons’ used pianos can last for a longer time.
  • Steinway pianos have a great sound, so you can enjoy playing your favorite music.
  • Steinway pianos are a great investment, so you can be proud to own one.

One thing to remember is, cost of used Steinway piano solely depends on factors like; the type of piano, how much maintenance it requires, and how old it is. And so, the prices typically range from 30% to 70% less than the price for new Steinways.

Still, some major differences between models might affect your payment after being delivered.

Now, let’s move to the types of used pianos, which will help you choose better.

H2: Types of used Steinway Pianos

There’s no particular classification system for used Steinway pianos; it’s just they’re divided into six categories;

Original – These pianos make a real deal. You won’t find another one like them because they’re entirely original without any replaced parts since the day they’re manufactured. These pianos usually range from 20 to 30 years old.

This means you can get a quality used piano for an affordable price–even if you have a limited budget.

Repaired – The repaired Steinway is back in playing condition, and it comprises fixed parts without replacing any major component. Thus, some pianos might need service or early replacement depending on age.

Rebuilt – A rebuilt Steinway comes with original components (serviced and rebuilt to their original condition). The major features include bridges, soundboard, and action parts rebuilt on any used piano.

Factory-restored – A factory restored Steinway pianos get services from the Steinway Restoration Center. All the repairs and replacements are done using genuine Steinway parts.

Heirloom Collection – The heirloom collection of used pianos is completely refurbished with original Steinway parts and labor, usually at the Steinway facilities. It has a 5-year warranty with a certificate of authenticity as a new brand instrument from Steinway & Sons.

Shell – This piano is in very poor condition. It’s neither been serviced nor restored, so you’ll find it hard to play the keys. Also, the shell used pianos all sticky due to careless handling of this instrument over time- but don’t worry.

H3: How to Evaluate One Used type from the other one?

To evaluate the category of used Steinway pianos, many dealers place them in three types;

  • New like Steinway pianos: 1-25 years old
  • Serviced Steinway pianos: 25-50 years old
  • Completely restored Steinway pianos: 50-130+ years old

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