It has been shown in several studies that promotional items and branded stuff give significant advantages over other kinds of advertising. Based on current studies, these are the top ten advantages. Because of their popularity with marketers, promotional stationery is so commonly used for advertising brands and businesses.

Exposure to your brand

Most people can remember the message from a promotional product they’ve received. Using a promotional product is a great way to keep your brand in the thoughts of current and future consumers alike. When a consumer uses or notices a valuable item with their name written on it, even subliminally, that name becomes ingrained in their mind.


To increase the likelihood of the promotional stationery being maintained and routinely used, it must be valuable to the recipient(s). This implies that the ad’s message is more likely to stay in the head than a glance at a magazine ad or quick release of a leaflet. It is more probable that a product’s branding will be observed when the stationery is used often, and this impact is heightened when the product is stored for an extended period.


Every marketer must think about the return on their advertising investments (ROI). Promotional items, like pens and shopping bags, are less expensive than television advertising, but the cost per impression is the most critical metric. The actual cost of a campaign divided by the number of times a customer views it is known as the return on investment. Promotional items have a high return on investment since they generate many impressions compared to their original cost.

Integrated Marketing

Branded products may be used as part of a broader marketing strategy rather than just a form of promotion on their own. As part of a direct mailing, smaller promotional objects may be employed, while tradeshow gifts can be used to promote exhibits efficiently. Marketers now know that the most successful method to promote a brand is via an integrated strategy that utilizes a range of media.

The sense of touch

However subjective it may be, everyone can agree that holding a tangible thing has more impact than looking at a brief printed picture or seeing an onscreen advertisement. Using haptic media is an excellent way for people to get their hands on tactile items.

Recognising Employees

To thank employees and raise morale, promotional gifts might be a cost-effective method. Budget-friendly gifts may be presented to all workers. More expensive gifts and branded awards can be given to high-performing employees or those who have reached a particular milestone in their employment.

Recognising and Rewarding Long-term Clients

Promotional gifts may show gratitude to clients and strengthen their bonds with your company. More than 83% of customers stated that they were more inclined to buy from a company after receiving a promotional product from them.


It is well known that branded items aid in developing emotional ties between customers and their favourite businesses. According to the PPAI Consumer Study, 71% of respondents indicated that they were pleased with their experience of obtaining a promotional product. Even more crucially, 83% said they had an improved opinion of a brand because of the experience. It is essential to establish emotional resonance to increase the likelihood of a customer buying a good and developing a good perception of a brand.