These days, Stardew Valley is one of the most well known life-sim game. It offers many assignments and exercises to keep the interest of players alive in the game. The engineers have a couple of added one of a kind and intriguing riddles after the new update to increment new players’ advantage. Among those puzzles, Stardew Valley Mermaid Puzzle on Ginger Island is the hardest after the update.

It is considered hard on the grounds that to tackle, you’ll have to venture out to explicit areas during specific climate to gather pieces of information that are associated with other occasional occasions. In any case, being a hard question, it is additionally an incredibly remunerating puzzle. After finishing it, you’ll get five brilliant pecans.

How to Complete Stardew Valley Mermaid Puzzle on Ginger Island?

This assignment means to stand by listening to the tune that mermaid sing in winters and unravel the verses to acquire pearls as a prize. Sounds simple? It might sound simple, yet it isn’t, as you should stay on the ocean front with impeccable timing, regular visits and so forth Keep perusing to know how to settle it without losing a solitary opportunity to procure pearls.

Prior to intending to begin it, ensure that you as of now have five Flute Blocks that you can take to Pirate Cove on a stormy day. On the off chance that you can hardly wait for a blustery day, you can continuously utilize a Rain Totem to ensure that the following day will bring showers.

To make it simple for you, the way to translate the riddle is concealed in Journal Scrap #9.

How to Find Journal Scrap #9 for Stardew Valley Mermaid Puzzle on Ginger Island?

Diary Scrap #9 is an all-new collectable thing added to the game after a 1.5 rendition update. Fundamentally, these scratches are logs abandoned by the mariners wrecked on the ginger island quite a while back. Any player can involve these logs as a clue to tackle many riddles accessible on the ginger island, including Stardew Valley Mermaid Puzzle.

You can find the Journal Scraps by performing irregular errands like crushing the stones, fishing, killing beasts, chopping down trees or weeds, and in any event, uncovering the curios spots.

All through the island, you can observe these piece signs all together, from #1 to #11. The piece of information for the mermaid puzzle is inside Journal Scrap #9. Consequently you’ll have to put forth an adequate number of attempts to track down it.

Diary Scrap #9 peruses:

  • Twas a downpour doused day, and upon a desolate stone a delightful lady saw I.
  • Stories I’d knew about ocean conceived ladies singing alarm’s tunes,
  • However nary a note would she be able to assemble…
  • The following morning I saw a course of action of stones upon the frothy bank…
  • Yes… stones as large as pennies and stones as large as nickels were they…
  • If yet this harried ocean canine a tune could yell, maybe to Blackgull’s fortune would she lead…

Prior to continuing towards the subsequent advance, you want to open the Pirate’s Cove on the island, where you can make the baffling mermaid show up.

To open the Pirate’s Cove, you should pay twenty brilliant pecans to a parrot sitting alongside the remnants broke around the ocean. Subsequent to getting the pecans, the parrot and its companions will fix the retreat. Later Stardew Valley NPC’s like Sam, Abigail, Leah, Emily, and so on, can visit whenever to unwind.

When they finish the redesign, you can visit the Pirate’s Cove. Players can observe the way east of the boat moors at the southernmost piece of the ocean side. Typically, it resembles a desolate stretch of ocean side with a star-formed stone example in the center.

For gathering different pecans, you want to fishing in the little star-formed lake. In the interim, a couple of pecans can be found by diving in the sand close to the palm trees. There is a cavern on the east of the inlet, and you can get an intriguing stingray close to this. Moreover, privateers now and then hang out closeby to the cavern. In this way you can play a round of dart with them to get a few extra brilliant pecans as a prize.

The most effective method to Solve the Ginger Island Mermaid Puzzle on Ginger Island

In the wake of gathering Journal Scrap #9, put all the five “Woodwind Block” thing on the ground. The stone on the shore will help you by showing the quantity of snaps expected to tweak each Flute Block to the right note.

Players can constantly obtain the Flute Block formula by accomplishing the six hearts of companionship with Robin the woodworker. When you complete the six hearts occasion, she will send you the formula via mail.

The formula for making a Flute Block is:

  • 10 Wood
  • 2 Copper Ore
  • 20 Fiber

Following all arrangement, bring every one of the Flute Blocks to the Pirate’s Cove on a blustery day.

Fast Note:- Before going to the island, we encourage you to check Ginger island’s climate through the Weather Channel on the TV in your farmhouse. Since the island will continuously have different weather conditions contrasted with different region of the valley.

Presently place all the Flute Block close to each heap of rock, and hit each square’s right number to change its pitch. The heaps of rocks will show the right pitch of each Flute Block. Little shakes mean one hit (“pennies”). Then again, huge rocks mean five hits (“nickels”).

  • Hit the furthest left square one time.
  • Stike the following square multiple times.
  • Strike the center square multiple times.
  • Beat the following square multiple times.
  • Hit the right-most square multiple times.

Screen the mermaid to know whether or not you are doing it right in light of the fact that, with each right track, she’ll start to move.

Moreover, during the Night Market occasion in Winter, you can hear a mermaid sing assuming you figure out how to match the tune’s pitches.

In the wake of pitching all the five Flute Blocks, strike every one of them again from left to right. This will make them play their notes and sing the Mermaid’s tune. Assuming you again do it aligned correctly, mermaid will grin, wave, and toss out five Golden Walnuts to the player.


This is all you really want to address the Stardew Valley Mermaid Puzzle on Ginger Island. In spite of the fact that, mermaid will in any case keep on arising on the island yet you can’t connect with her any longer. Notwithstanding, in future update we expect that players can again find her melody. Hence different ranchers of the valley can hear her wonderful voice on Ginger island.