In today’s times, it would be really difficult to find something untouched by technology. You can gauge the extent to which technology has entered our lives that people are finding their life partners, making the biggest decision of their life, with the help of technology. Yes, we are talking about matchmaking apps. In recent years, these apps have become so popular that more and more people have started to use Tamil matrimony app instead of traditional matchmakers. In these apps, people find different types of people from which you can choose your life partner as per your compatibility. 

However, one of the biggest problems that people often complain about is the number of fake profiles on these matchmaking apps. This factor alone makes the process of finding their life partner harder. For some, this can get so frustrating that they might end up leaving the platform altogether. If you are going to register on a Tamil matrimony app or somewhere else and are worried about this factor, don’t worry! We will be telling you some tips with which you can easily spot fake profiles on these apps with almost 100% accuracy. So, without wasting any time, let’s get to it. 

Here are some of the tips that might help you spot fake profiles.

Profile Picture Tells Everything

One of the first tips to spot a fake profile on a matchmaking app is to closely look at the profile picture of the connection. Creating a profile is so easy these days. A few clicks, some basic deets, and you’re done. However, most people who make fake profiles don’t upload a profile photo. So, whenever you see a profile without a display picture, consider it a red flag. In case the profile has a display picture, do check if it matches the age mentioned in the profile. For example, if a person has mentioned his age as 28, while his profile picture is looking like 40, it is a red flag for you. 

Look for a Stable Bio

People, who make fake profiles in Tamil Matrimony apps and other platforms too, edit their bio frequently. The reason: they like to project fake things about them to their matches. When people make their profiles on matchmaking apps, they change their bio once or twice. But if someone’s changing the information almost every day, you should understand that there’s something wrong. That’s why always look for a profile that has a stable bio to save yourself from fake and dubious kinds of people. 

Real (and decent) people don’t talk about money or ask for pictures 

One of the biggest signs of fake people on matchmaking platforms is that they ask for money from you once the formal introduction is done. Such people will weave fake stories to gain sympathy from you and once you start to believe the stories, they will ask for money from you. Always remember to never engage with a person who is asking for money from you on a Tamil matrimony platform. Apart from this, keep a fair distance from people who ask for pictures from you. Often, such fake people might blackmail you with your pictures. So, never do this. 

Beware of Pressure Cookers

Finding a life partner on a matchmaking app or website needs patience. After all, you are making one of the biggest decisions of your life and you can’t make this in a hurry. So, if you spot someone who is pushing you to marry in a dominating way, make sure you make distance from such people. You don’t want to live your full life with pressure cookers. This is also one of the ways to spot fake profiles on Tamil matrimony apps. Be liberal enough to block them.