Nearly half of Americans receive news via social media. A third relies on Facebook. Social media platforms are not subject to editorial oversight, making them susceptible to misinformation.

We’ve seen a significant decline in trust in news media platforms over the past 40 years.

You need to know where you can find decent, uncensored news coverage if you want it to be true. We did all the work for you because we know that you don’t have the time or the patience to do the research.

You can now hit the bookmark button. Here’s a list of news sites that you can use to access balanced news, entertainment and lifestyle content online.

1. Associated Press

One of the most established news outlets in the country is The Associated Press. The Associated Press is a non-profit organization, dating back to 1846.

The Associated Press is made up of news organizations and broadcasters. The AP’s online news platform features stories from journalists around the globe.

They establish journalistic standards such as the AP Stylebook which guides writers and journalists on grammar, capitalization, and other topics.

2. Reuters

Reuters is another reliable news source, dating back to 1851. Thomson Reuters owns Reuters, an international news agency.

Reuters remains one of the most trusted news sources. However, you will need to register in order to view all articles. Registering is free.

3. HuffPost

HuffPost’s headlines provide a quick overview of the latest happenings around the globe. The latest news, politics and entertainment will be available to you.

It was launched in 2005, and has been a huge success due to viral content and social networking. It is often ranked among the top 10 news sites in the world.

4. BuzzFeed

Social media is also a key factor in BuzzFeed’s success. BuzzFeed’s clickbait headlines and online quizzes attracted attention, and helped build the brand.

BuzzFeed’s quizzes can help you determine where you should live, which wine to drink and what your favorite food is.

The news platform is now a lifestyle platform rather than a news site. The site offers everything you need, from DIY tips and recipes.

5. The Guardian

The Guardian was founded in Britain in 1821. It is trusted by 73% of UK citizens and 73% of UK residents. It has been ranked the most trusted online news source.

No matter where you are in the UK, you will find a wide range of content. The latest news, editorial pieces and sports coverage will be available.

The news platform is completely free. To keep the news platform running, readers are asked to contribute to it.

6. Christian Science Monitor

It might seem impossible to obtain fair and accurate news coverage through the Christian Science Monitor. Both liberals and conservists see it as a source of good journalism.

This is a remarkable feat in today’s fragmented media landscape.

This news platform acts as a daily newspaper. Here you will find the most recent news, opinion, as well as arts and culture news. If you are looking for something to read, check out the book reviews.

Subscriptions for $11 per month are required. This gives you full access to all digital content, which is ad-free.

7. Sources for First-Degree Degrees

Although this requires more effort, it is much better than information obtained from third- or second-degree sources.

To find out what is really happening, go directly to the organizations. Find direct contacts by visiting their websites and social media pages.

Many companies and organizations have a press kit and information on their website. Workiva is a good example.

8. Ziff-Davis

You have a good chance of learning about the latest technology in Ziff-Davis publications. Mashable and are owned by the company.

The company also has some of the most popular Black Friday deals sites. is one of the company’s most popular shopping websites.

Business Insider

Business Insider is another news site that began as a niche website and grew to be a major player in the media sector.

It began as a news and financial site. It includes content on business, politics, technology, and lifestyle.

You can find sites specific to your country, such as Australia and Spain.

10. Vox Media

Vox Media encompasses several media brands. SB Nation, New York and Vox are just a few of the media brands.

These brands cover everything, from sports to current events. This is mainly editorial coverage. You want to balance the opinions by reporting straight from other sources.

11. The Athletic

Are you looking for in-depth coverage of sports that isn’t available in the sports section? The Athletic has everything you could want.

The company was established in 2016 and attracted attention for its investment in quality writers.

Some stories are great examples of sports journalism, like the coverage of abuse scandals in women’s soccer. There were many changes to the league as a result of the coverage.

Bookmark These Online News Platforms

You need to be informed if you want to form an informed opinion. When you are surrounded with misinformation and another’s opinions, it can be difficult to make informed decisions.

Online news sites can provide you with straight news and not much fluff. Other news platforms excel in lifestyle or sports content.

No need to spend hours searching for the best news sources. This article will take care of all that. These sites can be saved to your phone or computer so you can visit them whenever you have the time.

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