Sinem Gundogdu is a German homemaker who has Turkish heritage. Her birth date was the 21st of March, 1995. She was born at Leverkusen, Germany. This explains she is a zodiac Aries. This indicates that she is German. Sinem Gundogdu is the wife of Turkish footballer Hakan Calhanoglu.

Physical Stats of Sinem Gundogdu

Sinem Gundogdu stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall. Although she isn’t an actual model, she has her body completely alive. Even her looks are professional. Her body weighs in the vicinity of 57kg. The dark brown eyes as well as the dark hair makes her appearance truly amazing. In addition, her measurements for her body range from 36 to 26 inches. Gundogdu’s feet are 7 inches in size (US). It’s like Sinem dislikes tattoos. So, she hasn’t created any.

Sinem Gundogdu: Parents, Education, Children

Sinem Gundogdu’s parents were out of Turkey in Germany in the 1970s. So, Sinem was born and raised in Leverkusen. Sinem grew up with her younger brother, Tucan Gundogdu. But, the family relocated back to Turkey in her high school years. Thus, she attended Ataturk Anatolian High School. Sinem always had an intense attention to academics. This allowed her to breeze through a variety of exams.

Sinem Gundogdu: Husband, Children

In the year 2017, Sinem Gundogdu married to her childhood friend Hakan Calhanoglu. But, the beginning of their marriage was not exactly smooth. Sinem and Hakan began to fight beginning in the year of 2018. The two even had to agree to split up.Sinem Gundogdu with her family

But both were calm and remained together. In March of 2019, Sinem gave birth to an infant girl named Liya Calhanoglu, born in Mannheim. In 2017, Hakan joined AC Milan. The Calhanoglu family needed to relocate into Milan, Italy. Sinem is in love with Hakan extremely and believes in her future solely with Hakan. It is clear how much they cherish one another.

Sinem Gundogdu: Professional Career

Sinem Gundogdu is a highly skilled lady with a high level of expertise. She is able to speak three language (English, German and Turkish). However, the move with her husband to Milan in 2017 didn’t permit her to work. If she had, she would’ve wanted to work the same way. But, Sinem works as a homemaker extremely efficiently. She manages the family’s structure extremely efficiently. It’s a good idea for Hakan. Because her family does not face financial difficulties The work of Sinem is not difficult at all. Overall she is satisfied about her lifestyle.

Social Media

Sinem is a regular user of Instagram and has more than 654 followers. The Insta accounts are private. This means that she doesn’t have a lot of followers. However, WAGs do love to get noticed via social media. But, Sinem likes to keep things private.

Net Worth

Sinem has no professional jobs. Therefore her net worth isn’t able to be determined. However her husband’s earnings are millions. This doesn’t force her to think about her finances.

Husband Hakan Calhanoglu

Hakan Calhanoglu is Hakan Calhanoglu is a Turkish midfielder who plays attackingly. He is the Turkish national made his debut with Karlsruher SC in 2011. He was a player in the Bundesliga for Hamburger SV and Bayer Leverkusen before joining AC Milan in 2017. Calhanoglu made his debut as a senior in Turkey during the year 2013. He is renowned for scoring free kicks and long-range goals.